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    I beg you in God’s name, if you do boil bathing water with cooking pot, please stop. And if you don’t do such, I’d advice you never try it. Get a kettle or set a particular pot aside for that purpose. Otherwise, bath with cold water. At least, so you don’t get to experience what happened to me today.

    What happened to me wasn’t a case of me smelling beans or draw soup. If it were to be that, it would be better. Shebi perfume would have neutralized the ogbono or beans smell if that was the case?

    I’d boiled tomatoes and pepper with the pot last night. I washed it afterwards.

    This morning, I boiled water with the same pot to bath.

    When I was turning the water into my bucket, I noticed the color wasn’t bright at all.

    How did the same clean water I poured into a clean pot become wine in colour? I didn’t wait to get answers because I was in a hurry to bath and go to church.

    So I was bathing.

    Slowly, everywhere began to hurt. I tried to open my eyes but pepper dey blind me.

    Everywhere around me was dark, void and without form. I quickly closed the eyes then began to open them slowly again. This time, I got a sharp slap from the pepper. I mean slap. Real slap. Just imagine pepper slapping you in your eyes. Just imagine.

    At this point, I still had no idea it was the pepper and tomatoes I boiled with the pot at night doing wonders on my body and eyes.

    I was about to shout “Help oh! Neighbor help oh! Dem don come oh! They want to blind me with innocent water! My enemies have come through innocent water! Water wey no suppose get enemy have made my eyes their enemy ohh!”

    I practically screamed those words to myself. But for whatever reason, my voice wasn’t audible.

    All through the times in church my eyes were still dripping tears. Best thing is everyone thought I was being touched my the powerful message from the pastor. Na lie! Na pepper wan finish my eyes!

    Just when I thought that’s the worst that pot had done to me, someone came to greet me with a hug and exlaimed; ” Ahhh! This one you’re smelling ‘stew stew’!”

    Wetin? Me smelling “stew stew”? What else can that pot do? Can it ever do worse than this again?

    Happy new month August! May everywhere be stew for us this month!


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