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    When baba Gift left the shrine, he ran back home and confessed to how he had been raping girls and how he had raped Toke and maltreated her and attempted to kill her by visiting a notorious herbalist in the neighborhood.

    His wife, daughter and neighbours tried to hold him down when they noticed that he was talking like a mad man but he escaped their hold and ran away to the market and confessed to all his crimes.

    He continued to roam the streets as a mad man for months, defecating on himself, eating his faeces and eating animal dung and grass.

    One day, a woman caught him having sex with a goat and alerted the irate villagers who angered by his wickedness and the abomination he was committing began to beat him with sticks and machetes and some threw big stones at him. When they discovered that he had fainted, they all ran away and left him there and he bled to death.

    That same day, Gift, his daughter who had discovered that she was pregnant for the village tout went to a quack doctor for an abortion because she was afraid of her parents reaction when they discover that she was pregnant. The quack doctor mutilated her womb and there on the abortion table, she bled heavily and was rushed to another hospital where she was informed to have lost her womb and that meant she could never give birth.

    After she was discharged, she ran away from the village and ended up as a local prostitute and drug maniac after she abandoned her education.

    Her mother seeing what had befallen her husband and daughter and how everybody in the village had ostracized her swallowed the rat poison in her kitchen and died in her room.

    Few days later, the smell of her decomposing and bloated body attracted the attention of her neighbors.

    After the necessary cleansing, her body was thrown into the evil forest the same way they had done to her husband.

    Chief Oko was shot dead by armed robbers when he was returning from a business trip and refused to hand over the money he had on him to the robbers.

    Toke donated half of what she had inherited from lady B to orphans and widows and with the rest, she trained herself to the university level where she graduated with a First class degree in Engineering.

    Today, Toke is happily married with 4 kids and she owns a foundation where she caters for widows, widowers, orphans, rape victims and the poor who cannot afford basic education.

    She named the foundation after Lady B for the memory of these two spurred her to attain excellence in all she did.

    Her mother and the woman whose son helped her live in the house lady B gave to Toke.

    Toke feeds and sponsors the woman’s children to school while she set up businesses for the woman and her mother so that they could keep themselves busy.

    THE END!!!

    Thank you all for going with us through this story. I promised you at the beginning that it was going to be a heart touching story and from the comments, I know that it has really touched us.

    The truth is that there are so many people like Toke in our society, let us try and reach out to them in any way we can. Let us not like the principal wait till it is too late before we reach out for help.

    Remember to help the helpless in the society in any capacity you find yourself just like the boy who saved mama Toke’s life and ended up securing a better future for himself, his mother and his siblings.

    Also, do not discard the advice of good friends, mama Toke almost lost her life to that.

    Like Toke, we must refuse all snares by the devil to deceive us out of what God has planned for us. If she had joined Lady B in her trade out of frustration, she wouldn’t have been able to attain the success that God had already planned for her. Remember, when the devil gives you a shoe, trust me he will take your leg as payment.

    Keep your head high no matter how difficult it gets because the heavier the cross, the better the crown. Remember the darkest part of the night is nearest the morning.

    To all our wonderful fans who have been commenting, time will not permit me to list your names as I had wanted to do but this is just to let you know that I read and appreciate all the comments and that I love you dearly. Your reward is on the way, just keep your fingers crossed.

    Have a pleasant day and a fruitful and prosperous weekend. Playloaded loves you scatter!


    Happy ending

    Very interesting story

    This is so touching though sad. But thank God for the happy ending



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