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    Lady B: “I already told you that I don’t believe in any God. Having said that, I was actually thinking of quitting because I have acquired more than enough cash, properties and investments but you see, I have to go for this last trip, these are foreign women we are talking about and I will get paid in raw cash, pounds and dollars! I need to buy the latest edition of Range Rover sport and that is what I will do with the money I will make for this trip. After this, I quit” she said.

    Toke: “we should not take the mercy of God for granted. Who knows if this last time will be your undoing? Please don’t allow greed becloud your sense of reasoning. I just have this ill feeling after you told me that you were travelling. Please don’t go”

    Lady B: “you are over stepping your boundaries o. Who is greedy? Anyway, shebi your God is a merciful God? Help me pray to Him to make my trip successful because I actually do not believe in Him. I am going to get that hard currency and that is final. And by the way, who said dreams come through. Last night I dreamt that you were dead and here you are today preaching to me. If not that you don’t want to do it, I would have travelled with you and given you to one of the women, you would have made big money” she said and left the house before Toke could say anything.
    Baba Gift returned to the shrine after seven days and the herbalist gave him the knife and went into incantations to summon Toke’s spirit. After the incantation, instead of Toke’s spirit to appear, it was Toke’s guardian angel that appeared and the herbalist and baba Gift fell back in fear.

    Angel: “leave the poor girl alone, she has done nothing wrong. Leave her alone and desist from your evil ways. Repent and give your lives to God for he is merciful and ever willing to forgive” he said to the two of them and vanished.

    Baba Gift and herbalist: “you lie, that girl must die, she deserves to die” they chorus simultaneously and went about summoning her spirit again.

    After some minutes of chants and incantations, Toke’s spirit appeared. Baba Gift raised up the knife to stab her but lightening from heaven strucked him with madness and he ran out of the shrine confessing how he had been raping little girls including Toke. The herbalist on his part was strucked dead by the lightening.
    Two weeks after Lady B travelled, she called Toke to inform her that she had just flew into Abuja from Port Harcourt and that she was taking a taxi back home, so Toke could make something for her to eat. Toke ran excitedly into the kitchen to make something palatable for her, in less than 30 minutes after the call, she received another anonymous call and this time around she was informed that Lady B was involved in a ghastly motor accident.

    Toke picked a cab and went straight to the address of the hospital where lady B who had lost so much blood was in intensive care on a life support machine. Toke had her blood screened and donated her blood several times to save lady B’s life.

    Lady B stayed in the hospital for several months and after she was discharged, she returned home on a wheel chair because the accident had affected her spinal cord, thereby rendering her crippled for life. After some months, seeing the way Toke took care of her like her own sister without minding the fact that she was helpless and defecating on herself, she and Toke took a taxi to the bank and there she opened an account and transferred all the money in her account into Toke’s account. She also changed the name on her certificate of occupancy into Toke’s name and handed her the papers of her house, lands and all other investments.

    Lady B: “Toke, you have stood by me in my trying times even though I refused to heed to your warning to give up this job before it is too late. All that I have is yours, use it wisely and train yourself to any level of education you desire. Be great and successful, you are the sister I never had” she said and gave up the ghost.
    Few months after the death of Lady B, Toke went to Church for the first time since she ran away from the village to pray for the repose of her soul. She was lonely in the big house that Lady B had willed to her and she sought God’s help on how to manage all that she had inherited.

    After service that evening, the Pastor called parishioners to make free will donations to the widows that the Church was feeding and accommodating. Toke who wanted to reach out to many of them asked the pastor to schedule a meeting with them in her house so that she could listen to their plights and see how she could empower them and give them capital to start up businesses.

    On the day of the meeting, all the widows came around and one by one, Toke listened to them and discussed ways in which she could help them. Finally, the last widow came in and Toke’s heart struck a beat. The widow also stopped midway when she saw Toke.

    Widow: “Toke!” she exclaimed and collapsed.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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