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    Lady B drove back home and was surprised to see Toke lying down on the bare floor beside her flat. She ran up to her and hugged her, surprising Toke whose heart began to beat wildly when she saw Lady B drive in.

    Lady B: “you are here and I have been looking for you all over the place” she said glad to have found the girl alive.

    Toke: “you…you were looking for me?” she asked, unable to believe the changes in Lady B’s attitude towards her. Just last night, she had sent her out of her house and today she was hugging her and telling her unbelievable things.

    Lady B: “yes, where have you been since last night?”

    Toke: “as soon as you drove off last night, I returned back here to sleep because I was too scared to go out of this compound considering my experience the last time you sent me away. It can be so dangerous out there. I thought of staying here and praying to God to change your mind so that you can take me back in” she said.

    Lady B: “I don’t believe in any God but then that prayer of yours was surely answered. It was actually a terrible night mare that forced me to go in search of you” she said searching her bag for the key to her apartment.

    Toke: “dream? What sort of a dream?”

    Lady B: “don’t worry; I will not scare you with the details of the dream. Let us go in, you are staying with me whether you join my business or not, I cannot afford to send you out there without a place to go”

    Toke’s heart leaped for joy when she heard that.

    Toke: “thank you very much, ma. God will bless you and grant you whatever you desire in this life. I am sorry for what happened yesterday, it is just that I couldn’t bring myself to do it even though deep within my heart, I wanted to do it just to please you”

    Lady B: “it is okay, get inside, I need to rush to the airport now” she said and let the girl in.

    Lady B took her time to dress well and make up her face before going out like she always did. When she was sure that all was in order, she went to Toke’s room to drop some money with her in case she would need to buy anything while she was away.

    Lady B: “that is ten thousand naira; I don’t know how long I will be away because my friend called to tell me that some foreign women who are on a visit to Nigeria need women who are good at giving their fellow women pleasure. The pay is good and so I will be there in Port Harcourt where they are on a sight seeing till they return. As usual, we have foodstuff and ingredients in the house. I am dropping this money in case you will need to buy anything while I am away. Make sure you don’t step out of the house unnecessarily o, ritualists are out there, prowling around like lions looking for who to devour. And always make sure you lock the door properly before you go to bed. You still have that Nokia phone I gave to you, right?”

    Toke: “yes, ma”

    Lady B: “okay, I will call you as soon as I get to Port Harcourt. Take care of the house” she said for emphasis and turned to leave but Toke interrupted her.

    Toke: “excuse me, ma”

    Lady B: “yes, what is it? I need to hurry; they are already waiting for me over there”

    Toke got down on her knees.

    “I know I have no right to say this but my conscience will not allow me if I don’t talk”

    Lady B: “Toke, go straight to the point, I just told you that I have limited time to leave here”

    Toke: “ma, the few times that I have lived in your house has drawn me closer to God and I can tell you that he is able to provide all our needs if only we will trust Him. In fact, I only said a little prayer yesterday even though the situation was looking bleak but God heard my cry and made you take me back in, that is a pointer to what he can do if only we call on him”

    Lady B: “preacher, what has that got to do with my trip?”

    Toke: “you told me that you had a terrible dream about me last night even though you did not tell me the details of the dream. I also dreamt about you and in the dream, you were used for ritual by one of your female clients. I was called upon by the hotel management to identify your corpse and when I got there, I saw that your private parts were missing. Please, I think it is time for you to call off this trade. You have made enough money out of it, you told me yourself that you have more than ten million naira in your account. You have investment in gold jewelries, you have 2 exotic cars, you own this apartment that we are living in, you told me you have huge investments in the oil and gas sector after you dated one top notch female business tycoon in the oil and gas sector. You are all alone in the world and so all these things that I have listed are more than enough to sustain you. In fact, some of them will even outlive you. Please quit this job and give your life to God so that my dream will not come true. I beg you in the name of God”.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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