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    Toke walked around aimlessly for minutes without finding a place to lay her head. The streets was quiet and all she had for company were dogs barking behind the securely fenced compounds. She thought she heard a footstep approach her and she turned around sharply but there was nothing, the sound was only a figment of her imagination.

    She was tired and sleepy and frustrated, if only her parents were alive, she thought.

    After walking aimlessly for over an hour, she realized that she could not walk all night, especially when she didn’t have a place to go so she sat down at the corridor of a shop. She couldn’t make out what was sold in the shop because it was already locked and the owner was likely to be in the comfort of his bed snoring.

    She thought of all the occupants of the big high fenced buildings that she had seen and she thought of how lucky they were to have a roof over their heads, something she had taken for granted for the months that she had enjoined luxury in Lady B’s house.

    She thought of all the young people like her who were born with silver spoons in their mouth and who had never had the cause to be homeless or hungry before but here she was, from one suffering to the other even though she had not offended anyone.

    Toke: “life is so unfair. I don’t blame people who take the laws into their hands and those who even go into prostitution just to make ends meet. So, I will suffer like this and then I will bring children into the world to suffer like this too? That is not right now” she said aloud.

    After a while she began to doze but jerked off when she began to hear approaching footsteps. As the footsteps drew close to her, her heart flew to her mouth and she held on to her chest for fear that the pounding of her heart would attract the people approaching.

    From the corner where she was crunched, she could see that the approaching footsteps she had heard belonged to three hazard looking young men who were on artificial dreads.

    She shrank back in fear and hoped that they will not find her from where she was hiding. Then she felt something touch her hand and she jumped off in fright, attracting the attention of the guys.

    “Who is there?!” they shouted.

    Toke held her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

    Guys: “no who be the person wey dey hide for there?” they asked again, this time around startling her with their baritone voice.

    Guy 1: “see, abeg make we dey go our assignment. Nobody dey there, I sure say na cat or rat make that movement. There is no sane human being that will be in that corner by this time of the night” one of them told the others.

    Guy 2: “you sure say na cat or rat? Make we on torch go check that place well o” he suggested.

    Guys: “no, you want us to use our torches to attract the attention of security men around here? Guy make we dey go for our assignment abeg” he convinced the others and they all left.

    Toke heaved a sigh of relief when they left and sat down. Her heart was still beating fast and she stayed a while to steady her nerves.

    Toke: “no, I cannot continue like this. This is a sign from God that I should go back to Lady B’s house. Roaming around the street with no place to spend the night can be really dangerous” she said and made up her mind to return to Lady B’s house the next day and do all her biddings.
    Lady B: “so, you have now come back to your senses abi?” she asked Toke who returned home that morning and told her that she would do all that she wanted her to do provided that’s she would have a roof over her head.

    Toke: “yes, I agree. If I have to do that to remain in your house, then I am prepared to do it. It is really dangerous out there, I have confirmed it”

    Lady B: “now you are talking. Listen, the room I gave you is still there and your things are there just the way you left it. Go in and freshen up and eat then sleep all you can during the day. We will go out in the night and I will introduce you to your first date. She is a politician’s wife and she will take very good care of you”

    Toke: “okay, can ask I question ma?” she asked nervously.

    Lady B: “cut out the ma, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that. Anyway, which question do you have to ask again? I thought you said you are in for it?”

    Toke: “the women you date, I mean the ones we will be dating” she corrected herself when she saw that Lady B’s expression changed. “I mean are they women not married? Why can’t their husband’s satisfy them in bed?

    Lady B: “they are all married women. Their husbands are politicians and top business men who do not have time for their wives, and the women knowing that their husband’s may be monitoring their movements prefer dating ladies because their husbands will never suspect that they are having any illicit affairs with the ladies.

    Toke nodded her head and went into her room. She was glad that she was finally back into the house. few hours of homelessness had taught her how tragic it was for one to be homeless in the city.
    Lady B took her time to sort out a sexy dress for Toke who shuddered at the way the dress exposed her cleavage and hung tightly to her curves. Lady B told her that she needed to dress that way since it was the first time she was meeting her woman date.

    “First impression matters a lot” she said to her while she was taking out time to make up her face the way Toke never did before.

    When they fully glammed up, they drove in Toke’s SUV, it was going to be a long night and Toke knew it.
    Toke shuddered when the mistress came out of the bathroom all naked. She turned her face away when she saw a woman older than her mother stand before her stark naked.

    Madam: “I see that you are a novice and that is how I like my girls. I like them young and innocent so that I will teach them to be just how I want them to be. Lady B was right when she told me that you are as fresh as a virgin. I think she deserves a bonus” she said sitting beside Toke who shifted uncomfortably.

    “Look at me” the woman said and raised Toke’s head.

    Toke looked at her and almost threw up at her big stomach, folded bag and fallen big breasts.

    Madam: “come here she drew close to kiss Toke but she got up and moved away”

    Madam: “Don’t worry, I will not harm you. All you need do is suck and finger me till I come and then I will pay you, money is not the problem here. Just name your amount and you have it” she said.

    Toke: “no, this is not right. You are old enough to be my mother and God will not forgive me if I do this” she said moving away.

    The woman came close and attempted to touch her breast but Toke screamed and ran out of the room and out of the hotel.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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