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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Paul couldn’t tell if his wife had forgotten about what happened last weekend or not. She was acting all normal only that she had been taciturn for the past five days since he was caught watching the Unclad lady. Apart from that she had remained the God fearing and loving wife he had married. He could see that what happened was more of an embarrassment than offensive.

    He loved her and wouldn’t want to hurt her. He also wouldn’t want to hurt God whom he had vowed to serve with his whole heart. But something had been happening in his mind since he last spoke with the devilish girl at her work place. He had found himself replying their conversation over and over again in his mind, despite efforts to let go of the memory of the meeting. The cunning girl had forced him to confess he didn’t think she had an ugly body.

    Those were filty words and a Christian like him was not supposed to express whatever he felt about her body. In fact he wasn’t even supposed to think of it.

    Why did he have to see her again? He was sure that the devil was at war with him.

    He decided that he was going to fast throughout the week. Today was his third day into the fasting. He was going to ensure no sexual thought came into his head. He wasn’t even going to do anything with his wife.

    Another guilty thought was that he was unconsciously comparing his wife’s body with the devil lady’s. His wife was beautiful with an equally beautiful body but she didn’t carry herself the way that lady carried her’s; Ruth didn’t have style she was just herself.

    Paul was sure she was sent by the devil because she was making him have these evil sinful thoughts in his head.

    These thoughts were the reason why he had been praying all evening since he came back from work. Ruth had been coming close to him like she wanted him to have her but he had promised God that he wouldn’t involve in any sexual act until the fast was over. He was definitely going to get rid of every sinful thought from his mind and not even s*x from his wife was going to stop him.

    Ruth had almost forgotten about what happened last weekend. After much thought, she didn’t think what her husband did was a strong reason enough to be angry with him. she had been able to see it as the work of the devil and so had decided that she wouldn’t allow the devil get between her and her husband. What she didn’t understand however, was why her husband was acting all guilty since the event. Why can’t he see that she was ready to let go and make up with him? Why can’t he just let it go and make love to her?

    Now she had gotten even more restless with the fact that he’d just started fasting.

    Why was he fasting again? Didn’t he just finish one the previous week just before they packed into this neigbourhood? He hadn’t even made love to her since then. And now, only God knew when she would feel his touch again.

    This thought also made her felt guilty and sinful. She knew she wasn’t supposed to complain within her about the fasting her husband was doing. She was supposed to appreciate it and thank God he was equipping himself spiritually. What was s*x compared to what her husband was doing for the Lord.

    Yet, her body desired to be touched despite all prayers and reading of the word of God.

    He had just finished praying when she walked into the room. She knew she had been taciturn since she caught him staring at the Unclad lady; she felt it was time she opened up a discussion with him, hopefully he would stop acting guilty and relax around her.

    Deep down in her mind she was not sure of why she wanted him to relax around her. She wasn’t also sure of why she entered the room to meet him. Oh! How she wished he could just make love to her.

    “So how was work today?” she asked as she sat on the bed.

    Paul had just picked up the bible to read one or two chapters, he looked up at her, “Work was nice. I thank God for everything.”

    “Yes… this new neighbourhood is quiet but I prefer it to our former place.” She said.

    “With time, you will get used to it.” He said, recalling again how the so called neighbourhood had welcomed them the first day they had parked in. but that didn’t stop him from noticing how pretty Ruth looked this evening. She smelt nice too and he almost felt like reaching out his hands to grab her to him.

    He really loved her.

    “Yes, I will get used to it.”

    “I trust that the good Lord will soon provide you a job and you will be busy.” He said.

    “Why don’t we study the bible together and pray?” he suggested.

    “Oh.” She felt it was a good idea even though prayer wasn’t the reason why she had entered the room. Yet, she knew that as a Christian, she must pray without ceasing.

    She sat beside him and together, the two love birds began to study the word.

    To be continued.



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