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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Boma decided she was not going to tell Nick what transpired between her and his new neighbor that afternoon before coming to his office. It was going to be her secret game and she was sure going to have fun doing what she had in mind. This idea to play games with the neighbor didn’t occur to her until she spoke with him and discovered he saw her standing Unclad at the backyard balcony on Saturday evening.

    He didn’t have to say it, his reaction said it all.

    She had recognized him once he walked into the office hall. She had also noticed that he had walked up to her because she was female and he was somehow attracted to her. There were other customer care agents who weren’t engaged at the moment but he chose to walk up to her. He could be calm and gentle; perhaps a born-again Christian, but he still had the male instinct in him. It’s funny how God created men with this uncontrollable instinct and still expect them to be perfect and monogamous, she thought.

    “Good day sir,” she had quickly saluted with a broad professional smile on her lips. She was aware of the effect this smile had on men. “How may I help you?”

    “Thank you, I want to inquire about your internet package for offices.”

    “Alright sir, I will definitely be able to help you.”

    Quickly, she told him all he needed to know about their internet services.”

    He had concentrated on her face as she spoke to him but she couldn’t tell what was going on in his mind. The face had remained straight forward and it enabled him conceal all internal emotions perfectly. Perhaps he was just interested in the business that brought him there and wouldn’t have time to flirt with her. But she wasn’t going to give up. There was something about this man that had aroused Boma’s curiosity. He was good looking but that was not her cause of interest. It was the righteous aura he exhumed as he walked and talked. He looked and acted like a good, if not perfect, man. He looked like he would be a hard knot to untie and it felt like a challenge to her. It was like a difficult sexual adventure; something new that she had not tried before. She was going to untie him and find out if he was really perfect.

    “Thank you very much for that detailed information. I will get back to you once we make a decision on which package to go for.” Paul replied.

    “I will be looking forward to seeing you sir. Meanwhile you can have this flier with you, it has in it all the information I gave you.”

    “Aright.” He replied and took the paper from her.

    “Why do I feel I have met you before sir?” she asked, just as he was about to leave.

    He stopped and concentrated on her once again. “Are you sure? Which church do you attend?”

    “I am very sure I didn’t meet you in the church sir. Oh get it… you are my friend’s new neighbor. I recall seeing you pack your belongings into your new home at Rich Green Estate last weekend.”

    She was right, he thought, “You must be very observant. Yes I just packed into the estate.”

    “I hope you like your new environment. I don’t stay there though; I just came to see a friend.”

    “You don’t stay there?” he asked and Boma though she saw a trace of disappointment on his face. But Paul was wondering how she was able to see and take note of him so easily. He wondered which house among the ones in his new neighborhood she had seen and noted him from.

    This was her chance to go for the kill, she thought. “Yes, I came to visit the single male bachelor who shared the same view with your back yard. That was the day you were packing in. I remember standing at the back yard balcony, and watching your building.”

    And she instantly noticed an intense look on his face. He was remembering something. That was when she knew he saw her. He suddenly looked guilty and uncomfortable.

    “I was Unclad…” she said and let the words sink. “I hope nobody saw me from your house,” she apologetically added.

    This gave him the courage to speak out. “You were the Unclad girl from the neighbor’s balcony? How could such a pretty responsible looking girl like you act like that? Do you not have respect for God?”

    “Excuse me sir,” she politely said, looking all innocent and ignorant, “I am sorry if my unclothedness offended you. It’s not my fault that I don’t meet your expectation all because you have a pretty wife. I didn’t even know that someone was watching me from your house.”

    Paul didn’t understand why she was lying.

    Wasn’t she the one who had brought it up?

    Was she expecting him to smile at her and tell her well done for coming out of her house Unclad? Yet her last statement had made him remember watching and almost admiring the body. “Of course you should know that you will be seen.”

    “And I looked so ugly that it offended you?” she tried to look hurt.

    Paul actually thought she was serious, “I didn’t say you were ugly,” he defended and almost took back his words.

    “Oh… Thank you.” she smiled. It was her best smile and it was appealing. “Thank you Mr.
    Paul, I will be looking forward to seeing you again,” she quickly said, once again looking all professional. “Please I will be here in case you want anything… and I mean anything.”

    He understood what she meant but didn’t know what to say. He just picked up the flier and walked away. He already swore within himself that he would never come back to the office again.

    But even as he walked away, Boma knew he would be back. She was yet to start with him, this was only the beginning.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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