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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    He rose up her skirt and was faced with her bare Buttocks. Does this girl ever wear her pants? He thought for a moment.

    She was all wet and ready to receive him.

    “Hurry,” she pleaded.

    He really wanted to feel the wetness for some seconds but was also ready to drive his Joystick into her.

    She bent down, holding onto the wall and positioned her Buttocks for him to have an easy behind based penetration.

    He entered her and she let out a soft pleasurable moan. The walls of her wet Kitty-Cat contracted and gave him a warm welcome.

    He began to pump.

    “Don’t you ever stop!” she whispered. “This is lovely, faster… ohhh.”

    Nick didn’t wish to stop; he wanted the moment to last forever. He continued to pound her as he found her bosoms and squeezed them as he moved in and out of her. Her whole body danced in rhythm to his movement.

    But his excitement couldn’t hold on any longer.

    He was beginning to reach climax and he began to pound faster. He got to climax thirty seconds later and quickly pulled out of her, breathing uncontrollably.

    It suddenly downed on him where he really was. What if someone wanted to use the toilet at this moment? What would be their reaction if they found him in her? He just wanted to leave the environment.

    “That was nice Nick,” there was a wide smile on her lips. “You better get back to work, I will call you later.”

    He just nodded his head and continued to dress up.

    When he was through, he made for the door feeling really exhausted. He prayed no one would see him coming out of the female toilet.

    What really was he thinking following this crazy girl in here? He wondered. But it was fun. It was even beyond fun, it was simply heavenly.

    He reached for the door knob and stopped to look at her. They both smiled as their eyes met,

    “We will talk later, my lunch time is over.”
    “Thanks for the lunch,” she said.

    He smiled again and opened the door.

    One of his female colleagues was standing right in from of the door; she was about to reach for the knob when the door opened.

    “Nick?” she said with a surprised look on her face, “What the hell are you doing in the female toilet,”

    “Chioma,” he called out her name, “You want to use the toilet… sorry, I made a mistake.” He was acting all guilty.

    She gasped in wonder and watched him quickly leave her. She pushed the half opened door in and entered. The presence of a stranger in the small room explained it all.

    Boma freshened up and made to leave. She had heard the lady call out Nick’s name and she knew that the lady was Nick’s colleague. The lady had no wedding ring and so Boma thought she could play with her mind a little.

    “I just had Nick in here… try it; you will enjoy every bit of the moment. The guy is really good.” She said and walked out.

    Chioma was mystified. What mad woman was Nick hanging out with? Did Nick actually have s*x with her in here?

    Boma walked out of the toilet and headed straight for the exit door. She looked towards Nick’s seat and caught him watching her. She smiled at him and left the bank.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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