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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Right now, he was supposed to call her just to find out if she would make it. There was this urge within him that made him want to behold her.

    His cell phone instantly rang and he picked it after seeing she was the caller.

    “I am just about to enter your bank, please be where I will find you.” she quickly said.

    “Alright, he replied, and instantly felt his joystick react to the sound of her voice.

    She walked in and their eyes met, but she just walked to the customer seat and sat down. Her dressing was almost the same as yesterday. A black skirt and a white blouse, but sown in different styles.

    He walked up to her.

    “Hi, guess who I saw today,” she looked excited about who ever she saw today.

    “Emm, president of Nigeria?” Nick answered without thinking.

    She stopped to smile at his obvious joke, “your new neighbor came to my office today.” She said, “Once he entered, I instantly knew I had seen him somewhere.”

    Nick wondered why the sight of his born-again new neighbor should excite her. This girl never ceased to amaze him. “Okay, I didn’t know you even saw his face.”

    “I told you the wife was pretty, remember? She wasn’t the only one I took note of.”

    “What did he come to your office to do? To see you?”

    Boma scoffed, she quickly decided it was unnecessary to go into details of what happened between her and Paul. It would be her secret for now. So she changed the topic.

    “What do you want to have for lunch?” she asked.

    This didn’t stop Nick from wondering what transpired between her and his new neighbor.

    “Lunch? I want to…”

    “You can have me.” she quickly said.

    “Oh… have you?” the statement instantly turned him on right there in the banking hall.

    This was the same girl that had acted all modest at her office yesterday. The sudden switch made everything about her interesting.

    And he felt like caressing her right there.

    He stopped and looked down at her. She was sitting while he was standing as they interacted. Any unsuspecting customer or co-worker would think they were having a customer-client interaction.

    As he looked at her, he could see her full bosoms heave up and down like they were daring him to grab them. His imagination began to run wild as he recalled how fleshy, soft and full they actually are. He could hear her moans and feel the softness of her Buttocks.

    Thoughts of the feel of her Kitty-Cat clouded his mind and he wished he could take her somewhere at the moment and make hot love to her.

    “Have you ever heard of a quickie?” her voice was soft and filled with desire. “I want to use the ladies…” she stood up, “lunch time is almost up, I will give you two minutes to join me, if not, I will come out and go straight to my office.” her tone was not commanding, it was demanding.

    He watched her walk straight to the passage that led to the ladies, his head about to explode. He loved the way her Buttocks fitted in the skirt allowing the hips to slightly push out of her sides.

    He looked around; it seemed no one was observing them. Quickly he dashed towards the convenience with nothing in his mind but the sounds of her sweet moans. The bulge in his trouser was obvious but he knew there was nothing he could do to conceal it except having s*x with Boma.

    He got to the toilet and stopped in between the two doors that led to the toilet according to one’s gender. Never had he gone through the female door since he started working with the bank. Today, Boma was making him break some rules, she was making him act crazy.

    Carefully, he opened the door and sneaked in. It was a small room with three doors that led to the toilets. They stood in space with a half sized mirror and a hand washing sink. There was space enough for them in there.

    Once the door opened and she saw it was Nick, she rushed to the door and locked it. Then she turned around and looked at him. “You have five minutes, remember, we might get caught but that’s the fun.”

    He didn’t say a word; instead he pulled her closer and began to kiss her. It was a deep wet kiss that took her straight into space. She responded to the kiss and quickly reached for his belt. She was glad he was ready for her.

    Nick untucked her blouse, slid his right hand into it and reached for her bosoms. The bra she wore didn’t allow him to have a full feel so he pushed it up causing the twin flesh to be free.

    She moaned at his touch and began to rub fiercely on his already free hardened Joystick.

    He loved the feel of her bosom and the way it seemed to respond to his touch; it felt like they were giggling excitedly at his touch. He also loved the way she rubbed his Joystick.

    “Oh, I need you inside me right now.” She whispered. It was a plea, at the same time a command.

    He obeyed.

    He reached for his already fallen trouser, got out his wallet and pulled out a condom. Quickly, he tore off the pack and put it on, and then he turned her around and positioned her exterior.

    In the heat of the moment Nick had forgotten he was in the female toilet.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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