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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    It was almost lunch time, Tuesday afternoon and Nick was meant to call Boma; she had made him promised to call her this afternoon just before she left him yesterday. Boma was making him to do a lot of strange things since he met her and the crazy thing was he was enjoying it all.

    Boma had spent Saturday night in his home. It had been a wild night and she had proven to be a good cook too. She was just fun to be with and he had enjoyed every bit of moment with her.

    Her presence had made the weekend short and interesting, almost causing depression to weigh him down when she was leaving on Sunday evening. Therefore he had quickly accepted to come to her office during lunch on Monday.

    Curiosity had also made him want to keep to the promise of visiting her at her office. He really wanted to see for himself what this crazy lady would look like in office attire and how she would behave in an office setting.

    She had told him that she was a customer service personnel in one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country.

    He also couldn’t help but wonder how many of her co workers she must have slept with.

    But what he saw on Monday morning came as a shocker. Boma was a completely different person when he met with her at the office. She was neatly and modestly dressed in a black skirt and white blouse. Of course it wasn’t a short skirt. The only familiar thing about her was how beautiful she looked.

    The way she carried herself was completely different. How could anyone believe that this was the same girl that almost screamed down his house with her Intimate moans of sexual pleasure? This was the same girl that had allowed him to make love to her all through the night in the most crazy and almost impossible s*x positions. He had had s*x with her in every corner of the house; the bathroom, kitchen, corridor, sitting room, bedroom and even in balcony. The girl was full of energy, always wanting more and her sound echoed through the walls of the house. It was the best night he ever had.

    He was sure she was the company’s hole. Every male here must have had a taste of her, he believed.

    But instead, he had seen a calm and responsible looking Boma. She had smiled like a ‘good’ girl when she saw him and had quickly gotten up from her post to meet him.

    “I am so glad to see you,” she had said and these words surprisingly made him feel good.

    No one looked at him in a ‘knowing way’. He had expected weird stares from the male folks; the kind of stare that would say, ‘what in the world are you doing coming to check on this LovePeddler?’ All he had noticed was men looking at her with admiration and respect. She was liked around here, he could obviously see.

    “Please can we go to the guest room?” she had politely said to him and led the way.

    She greeted everyone with a strange politeness that amazed him and they treated her the same way.

    “I will be running back to the office soonest; my lunch break is almost up.” He said, just as he sat down on the black leather seat in the guest room. It was a small neat room with a medium sized flat screen on the left wall and a thick Arabian rug on beautiful black and ash tiles.

    “It’s alright, I am really glad you could make out time to come and see me.” she said, looking straight into his eyes and making him Hot once again.

    He just nodded his head. Looking at her, he wasn’t sure if she was still a stranger in his life or if she was someone he could say he was really familiar with. He just knew he wanted to know more about her. He wanted to unravel the mystery behind this beauty wild chick. “So, how many guys here have you slept with?” The words came out of his lips and he almost threw his palms to his mouth to push them back. He had to give himself a mental knock, wondering why he had asked such a silly question. “ahh…

    I am sorry.” He quickly said, feeling foolish.

    But she was only smiling. “None… I have slept with no one in my office. When I am at work I just concentrate on my work; I don’t know how I do it but this environment has a way of suppressing the urge for s*x.” She casually said, looking prettier with that friendly professional look. She was actually making him feel like a client. Not like a prostitute-client kind of client, he quickly told himself.

    “Do not apologize, I don’t get angry over such little things, it’s a waste of time. I only concentrate on things that make me happy.” She added.

    “I see,” he boldly replied, encouraged by her calm and friendly look. “So how’s the day going?”

    “Fine, you know how Mondays usually are.”

    They talked a little and it was time to go, “Well, it’s nice seeing you,” he had actually looked forward to see her while on the way down here.

    It was really nice seeing her.

    “I will come to your office by lunch tomorrow.” She said as he made to stand up.

    “That will be nice,” he replied. Was she just going to come and sit down just to chit chat with him like they did today? He thought. Well, as boring as that sounded, he actually looked forward to it.

    To be continued.



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