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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    This was her private feeling, the thought that only her could know of. This thought was accompanied by fear. She was afraid that she was loving s*x more than God. But her actions or desires were justified by the fact that s*x in her matrimonial home was good. This was why she wanted to have more of Paul every day.

    Unfortunately, Paul’s sexual life was modest. He really was working hard not to make it a habit.

    To him, s*x, despite how pleasurable the act was, was a secondary issue when compared with ensuring one lived a holy life. Besides, at times of fasting and praying, which were part of his everyday life, one needed not think about s*x, even with the wife.

    He was right as far as she was concerned and so she always prayed to the lord to help her suppress her desire and love for s*x. She was doing well so far. Yes, sometimes the desire could be so strong but she would just pick up her bible and study the word of God and only enjoyed the act when her husband wanted to.

    She had never had any other kind of sexual experience apart from what she had had with her husband; just the normal caressing, kissing, ensuring she got wet while his joystick charges and then a normal pleasurable missionary style.

    She didn’t think she was missing anything, even though she was not sure.

    Okay, perhaps she always wished he could last longer, but she came to believe that that was how s*x was experienced even with all men.

    But she was very surprised to find her husband staring at the Unclad girl yesterday evening. In fact, she had been disappointed in him. He wasn’t supposed to stare, he was supposed to flee; take his eyes off the Unclad devil. What kind of human was she anyway? Ruth has seen her when she came visiting the male bachelor who had nothing to do but to stare at them all day.

    Why was her husband staring? What he did was as good as committing sexual immorality in the eyes of God. She didn’t know how to handle the situation. It was embarrassing as well as hurtful.

    How could her husband be staring at the unclothedness of another woman. She had thought about this all through the night and it had weighed her emotions down this morning.

    He had quickly continued with what he was doing once she had come in and caught him staring. He had seemed so carried away and that was why she had looked towards his direction of interest.

    Now she couldn’t even look him in the face.

    How could a child of God be lost in the lust of another woman?

    She felt pained, yet she knew, as a Christian, that she should forgive him and give him the opportunity to repent for his sins.

    The tension throughout breakfast was awkward.

    This wasn’t the way the almost perfect couple wanted to spend their first night and morning in their new home.

    Paul, on the other hand, knew that what he did was wrong and he had spent a better part of the night asking the Lord for forgiveness. Yet the image of the Unclad girl couldn’t just get out of his mind. The weight of guilt made him really depressed.

    She was simply hot, like something from out of this world. Did he think she had a better body than his wife? No! He shouldn’t be thinking this way. He should ask the Lord for help; he must take her off his mind at all cost.

    The firm bosoms were worth watching; there was a way she had walked across the balcony that had made him imagine what she was like in bed. Wow! It’s been long he saw a different kind of Buttocks apart from his wife’s. He was already used to seeing Ruth’s beautiful Buttocks. Had it lost the attraction it had when she was a virgin? He had thought she would always remain as new as he had met her. Why did he even think that that LovePeddler’s body was fresher than Ruth’s? Why did he even stare at it? He couldn’t just tell what it was he saw in that shameless girl that tingled something in him.

    She had a different style in the way she walked and held her shoulders. Ruth didn’t have style.

    Ruth was just Ruth and nothing more.

    Their love making was just modest. Both were ashamed to dwell on the pleasure in it for too long. Ruth hardly moans out loud because she probably thought it was sinful. He also thought it should be so. What is pleasurable in this world anyway? What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? He loved his wife and that was all that mattered and he was going to use that whole day in church to ask the Lord forgiveness.

    To be continued.



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