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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    “…father Lord in heaven; please bless this food we ask through Christ our Lord.”

    “Amen,” Ruth murmured in response to her husband’s prayer.

    They were about to have their breakfast that Sunday morning but there was an obvious, embarrassing tension in the air.

    Mr. Paul Attah easily noticed something wrong in the way his wife had responded to his prayer.

    She was still unhappy about what happened yesterday, barely a few hours into parking into this new neighborhood.

    She had been excited about living in this house and had insisted they use this weekend to ensure they started their new life here.

    Paul had married Ruth five months ago and they had since been living in a one room apartment where he had been living before they tied the holy knot.

    Her Christian upbringing had taught her that the most important virtue of a Godly woman was patience and content. And both had always believed that in no time God would get them a better apartment.

    Paul had always planned and wished to make his wife comfortable and so had secretly been saving for a bigger house. She was a good woman, one he had met a virgin and felt she deserved the best life could offer. Paul believed that Ruth was a special gift to him from God whom he had been very faithful to in worship and holiness. Ruth was not just respectful, homely and Godly; she was also a very beautiful woman. And meeting her a virgin was the height of his excitement.

    Paul, even though a strong Christian for the past twelve years, had never considered male virginity to be of any importance in a relationship. He had been sexually active in his late teens before he repented and had a few flings in his baby Christian days. But for the past seven years he had sacrificed his body to Christ and kept his body holy, keeping away from sexual immorality. It was not easy especially as a bachelor, a handsome thirty years old bachelor for that matter.

    S*x was wrong in the sight of God and the bible instructed that one should flee from it. The immoral act was a gateway for demons to find their way into one’s body; it also causes one to lose his spiritual identity.

    So Paul had trained himself to let go of immoral thoughts and with the help of the Holy Spirit, living a perfect holy life became very easy. Then when he was spiritually and psychologically ready to marry, he asked God for a good wife and the Lord once again was faithful to him.

    Paul worked with an insurance firm and his salary was not huge, but he always had faith that God would always see him through difficult times. His life style made it easy for him to save and this was why he was able to afford their new apartment.

    Ruth was a HND holder and was, at the moment looking for job. The man of God in their church had prophesied that their marriage will be blessed with money and children. This was three months ago and they were still waiting on the Lord to have his way in their lives, Ruth was yet to get pregnant, but the couple were not perturbed about this state of affair. At the Lord’s time he would make her pregnant.

    He had disvirgined her on the eve of their wedding, a night she would never forget. It was the first night she ever saw a man standing Unclad in front of her and also had felt great shame being Unclad in front of him too. It was not as easy as she had thought it would be and this had made her wonder why all those bad girls in her school and neigbourhood had lived through having s*x with different men like it meant nothing.

    Only having her husband get a glimpse of her bare bosom had been tug of war. Ruth could say she had been a bornagain Christian all her life. Of course there were few moments of anger, gossip, selfishness and sinful thoughts but her weakness had never gone beyond that.

    She had always seen her body as a holy vessel for the lord and had never given sexual immorality a second thought in her life. Her body was of Christ and she was determined to give it only to her husband.

    She knew she was pretty. Her slim straight feminine body with full sized bosom, smooth face and cute Buttocks had always attracted the male folks. But she had made herself unapproachable; they dared not walk up to her to tell her sweet nonsense. Didn’t they know her body was the temple of Christ?

    And so when she found her husband staring at her bosom, it was strange and uncomfortable.

    But she had loved the touch. The feeling had been heavingly. He had sent electric waves all over her body and her brain had almost shattered with pleasure. She had loved the way he touched her and kissed her deeply. He had used his tongue all over her body and concentrated more on her bosom, it was a wonderful feeling. The feeling of his hand all over her bare buttock was simply sweet and when he had caressed the lips of her virgina, cause her femalecore to swell, she had come to a conclusion that s*x was a bit of heaven on earth. The wetness all over her virgina had contributed in making his touch more pleasurable. Then he disvirgined her and despite the initial pain, she loved it. She loved having s*x with her husband.

    To be continued.



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