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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    He wanted to hit her but didn’t have enough drive to do that.

    But he wasn’t thinking straight anymore. He forcefully dragged her shoulder in an attempt to make her face him. “Ruth!” he wanted to be in charge, he just needed her to be remorseful so that he could restrain himself from hurting her.

    She swirled and was facing him. Her bosoms bare and staring at him. The light material that covered her had easily torn as a result of the pressure from his hand. She was surprised and somehow scared at his behavior.

    His eyes beheld her bosom. He knew he had always seen and caressed these twins but this moment, he saw them differently. They weren’t looking like holy bosoms any longer; they stared at him like a slutty duo. They looked much more attractive and inviting.

    “You want to be treated like a LovePeddler? Is that what you want?” he reached for the already torn gown and tore the rest off her body.

    “Paul!” she found herself crying out helplessly.

    He pushed her to the dressing table and forced her to back him.

    She was obviously not willing to fight him. But she was scared, “Paul, what is wrong…”

    He bent her down and began to handle her bosoms carelessly from behind with his left hand while his right hand pulled down her pants.

    “What are you doing Paul… you are hurting me,” she cried, “Stop!” she made to release herself from his grip but he held her down.

    Before she could try again, her pant was down to her legs. He used his right foot to force it down. She had to raise one of her legs to let it off because it had reached its elastic limit and was hurting her legs.

    Paul kicked her legs apart, his own pants already down and his Joystick as hard as a rock.

    Ruth was now Unclad and her Kitty-Cat was widely visible from behind.

    Paul was being rough on her; his fingers caressed her private part carelessly and sent involuntary signal to her brain. Paul was acting different; he was acting like an animal. She was afraid because she thought he was going to hurt her, yet she didn’t want to fight back.

    Somehow she felt she deserved to be punished.

    Paul felt her wetness and instantly slid his Joystick into her. He didn’t know why he was acting this way. He knew he was angry and out of control.

    He began to hump her from behind.

    “P… Paul… ahh, Paul, aahhhh…” she moaned as his actions sent pleasurable signals to her brains.

    Paul continued to go in and out of her. He wanted her to cry out in pain; he wanted her to beg him to stop but she didn’t so he applied more energy and force. He caressed her body all over, fondled her bosoms and spanked her Buttocks. He continued like that for twenty minutes.

    Ruth was loving every moment of what he was doing to her; she had to look back just to ensure the man humping her was Paul.

    Twenty minutes gone and he was still this energetic?

    This got into her brains and made her became instantly wild even as she saw herself in heaven. Somehow she found her own energy too.

    She stood up, releasing herself from his grip and turned around.

    The couples were now acting like animals, each trying to outdo the other. She caressed him all over rubbing his Joystick fiercely.

    Paul didn’t know how he felt. But seeing Ruth behave this wild only increased his sexual pleasure. They were like two familiar strangers discovering themselves for the first time.

    Ruth felt like she had just broken free from an invisible wall. She wanted get to the highest point of gratification any sexual action could take her. She bent down and sucked his Joystick just the way she had seen Boma did to Nick.

    She liked the feel of his firmness in her mouth.

    It was hard yet soft in her mouth and all she wanted was to lick it like a lollipop.

    He moaned and rubbed her head even as he knees grew weak and he staggered to the bed.

    Ruth didn’t let go, neither did she stop.

    Once he fell to the bed, Ruth made him lie down and got on top. She had remembered seeing Boma ride her neighbor while he sat on the chair.

    She sat on her husband, faced him and used her right hand to slide his Joystick into her.

    Then she began to ride him. She wanted to feel the whole of him; she wanted it both fast and slow.

    She loved this style because it allowed her detect the pace.

    The couple moaned in sexual pleasure while they pleased themselves.

    Soon her legs began to pain her and when Paul noticed this, he dragged her down and made her lie down on her back. He drove his Joystick into her and began to pound again.

    By now, Ruth couldn’t count how many times she had climaxed. Paul humped her on and on, taking her to a higher level of gratification with each thrust.

    Soon he started to hump much faster, indicating he was about to Erupt. She was also on her way to another climax and both got there together rubbing each other and moaning out of control.

    He fell on her, both sweating furiously. But almost instantly, Paul stood up and sat on the bed, looking at her with a poker face.

    Ruth returned the gaze, she was amazed.

    She couldn’t believe Paul had such energy, neither did she understand how she got out of control.

    It was the best s*x she had ever had. It was better than what she had with her neighbor, perhaps because she loved Paul. It was also better than anything she had hoped for.

    Then tears began to come down her eyes and she lost control of her emotions. She began to cry. She cried because she knew she had hurt the only man she had ever loved by indulging in extra marital affair.

    She didn’t want him to forgive her because she didn’t even know how to forgive herself.

    Paul stood up and walked out of the room without saying a word while she was crying.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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