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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Paul was surprised when he got home that Friday evening and Ruth failed to surface. Recently, she would at least make an appearance and serve him dinner. He wondered if she was in the house.

    Yes she was. He found her lying on the bed in the bedroom like she had not noticed his presence.

    He observed her for some time, dropped p his work materials, removed his jacket and left the room.

    Something was wrong with her, he was sure. She was avoiding him and acting like he didn’t exist.

    But there was also something different in the way she lay on the bed and played with her mobile phone. It wasn’t her old Christian like self.

    Paul actually didn’t care about how she felt anymore.

    Perhaps it was guilt or something, but ever since he had affair with Boma, he didn’t seem to want to dwell on s*x with Ruth anymore. She could keep to herself for all he cared. He wasn’t interested in her boring kind of s*x anyway. Paul knew what he did was wrong. He had cheated on his wife but somehow he felt it was worth it. Ruth wasn’t the only one who was missing out in this whole s*x escapades.

    Now he felt like a ‘bad’ guy. He felt like the man in charge and men in charge didn’t go about crawling after their women when they start acting out.

    The only problem he had now was the fact that his conscience wouldn’t let him be. He had sinned against the God he had faithfully served for years now and he didn’t feel worthy enough to ask for forgiveness. He couldn’t ask God to forgive him for an act he undeniably enjoyed.

    The best thing he should do was to stop worrying about it and forget about feeling bad that he had hurt the woman he loved.

    Ruth on the other hand was not sure she was the same person in the same skin. Had she actually committed the abominable act called adultery?

    What was wrong with her? How had she gotten to this situation? If she could do it and even enjoy it, why had she spent years condemning the act and people who had been found guilty? She felt like a hypocrite.

    But the feeling of guilt wasn’t really that depressing. The feeling was just strange instead; she felt like an animal that had just shredded its skin.

    She had suddenly been wishing that her neigbour was the man she loved. She had enjoyed every bit of touch from him and it pained her that it was all illegal and wrong.

    Why was Paul, her husband, not capable of making her reach climax just as her neigbour had done to her this evening? Now replaying that abominable moment in her head was the only sexual pleasure she knew. It was plain sad.

    She felt like her life had just begun? Why had she remained a virgin all her life? What was the gain?

    Now look at all she had lost? Ruth couldn’t believe she had once hated s*x and thought it was sacred and meant for her matrimonial home.

    What was that? How could God make such a rule and at the end give her a man who wasn’t capable of giving her the best.

    And this got her asking; was the sacrifice worth it? What had Paul really done with her virginity?

    Of what use had it been to him?

    But it was adultery. She had done something God hated.

    Didn’t her husband cheat on her first? She tried to rationalize, yet she felt dirty.

    She wondered what the future had in stock for her. How was she going to face her husband and how was she going to face her God?

    Was marriage about to end? What would be her fate now?

    When Paul came home, she saw him as the reason for her dilemma. It was all his fault that she had found herself in this situation.

    Still she felt dirty.

    He had always loved her just the way the bible had instructed. But he had gone to have s*x with that lady.

    Had he enjoyed the lady more than her? No!

    What she had watched in the short video had shown that he was nothing but the one minute man he had always been with her. She was sure the lady must have gotten so mad and driven him out of the house.

    Then she remembered that a second tape had arrived her home right after she had had s*x with her neigbour. She had been so carried away in the awe of what she had done that she had not bothered about watching it. What else would be there if not a video of her husband making love to that petty LovePeddler?

    Was her husband in love with her? Did her husband think the lady was prettier than her?

    Well, she was going to watch the other CD the next day. For now, she could do with totally avoiding him and dwell on the wonderful s*x the young man had given her this evening.

    She really didn’t care… tomorrow will take care of itself.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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