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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Nick came home quite early that Friday afternoon, hoping he could see the neighbor’s wife play some sexual stunts. He was actually enjoying watching the born again woman flirt with him; he hoped he would soon get the chance to Bleep her.

    He had gotten a hint at the office that he would soon be promoted and transferred to another city. His salary would be raised too.

    It was good news and Nick intended to have all the fun he could get before he was transferred.

    He didn’t have any idea when he would be transferred but, most times, such rumors always came to pass.

    He announced his presence as usual and waited in the kitchen for the born again woman to come out. He had not come home early yesterday and had missed her.

    She opened her kitchen door, looking straight at his kitchen. She knew he was there and Nick decided to come out and say hi to her.

    He opened his door and came out. She was just staring at him and he waved at her.

    She made a sign with her right hand, signifying that he should come.

    Nick felt excited and curiously walked towards her.

    Ruth didn’t want to consider the consequence of her action. His girl friend had slept with her husband; she was going to sleep with him too.

    She felt she was justified to do this because her husband had cheated on her first. She was glad for the video because she was finally going to have a feel of real s*x without feeling guilty.

    As Nick approached her, she couldn’t wait to have him make love to her. She didn’t care about anything, neither did she allow her Christian conscience to make her stop what she was about to do.

    She was more like a robot being controlled by what she saw in the video.

    Nick got to her, their eyes locked together. She was wearing a long flowing gown and her eyes were serious. She was pretty, Nick thought, and in the few seconds, he wondered why she was acting this way. Was seeing him make love to Boma enough reason to want to Bleep him?

    “I want you to make love to me just the way you did to that girl days ago.” She said.

    Nick didn’t want to do it any longer. She was married for God’s sake. He didn’t have the courage to do what he had longed for any longer.

    “I don’t think we should do it madam.” He said to her.

    Ruth couldn’t believe her ears, “You can’t do this to me. Why did you make love to your girlfriend for me to see? Why have you been staring at me like you want to have me? Why have you been making me want you all these while?”

    “Yes, but… you are married and…”

    “You didn’t know I was married when you were doing all that?”

    Now she needed him more than ever. This was her only opportunity to feel what it was like to be made love to by another man apart from Paul. “Please… I need you; I have never known what real love making feels like. My husband does not do it rightly, not like the way I saw you do it to that lady.”

    Nick felt pity for her, yet he didn’t know if he would do it. She was good looking though.

    Suddenly she pushed off the handle of her gown from her shoulders and the gown dropped from her body leaving her standing stark Unclad.

    She was beautiful. Nick stared at the Unclad beauty with his Joystick pushing out of his pants.

    “Just come closer to me,” she pleaded. “Please just teach me how to make love.”

    The plea was soft and different. She obviously was not used to standing Unclad in front of anyone other than her husband and Nick felt like he was about to make love to a virgin.

    He walked closer to her.

    “Tell me what to do to make this fun.”

    Nick took off his shirt and began to caress her bosom even as he kissed her. Her kiss was not wild and passionate, but the wild way he kissed her made her respond the same way.

    He used her hand to touch his Joystick after losing his belt and allowing his trouser to drop.

    They caressed each other while standing and she moaned like a hungry kid. Then he reached for her Kitty-Cat and slid his finger into the wet opening.

    She moaned as he rubbed on the femalecore.

    Her knees grew weak and she couldn’t stand any longer. She fell to the chair behind her and he bent down, opened up her legs and used his tongue on her. Her moan was more like a scream. “Please do not stop!” she begged as she rubbed his head fiercely and pushed his face deep into her virgina.

    Nick didn’t stop as he used both his fingers and tongue to continue to stimulate her Kitty-Cat while his free hand rubbed her bosoms. She was wet all over.

    She reached for his Joystick and rubbed it intensely.

    He stood up, pulled her up, turned her around and positioned her in a doggy positioned with her knees on the chair.

    His Joystick entered her wetness and he began to Bleep her hard. She screamed and begged him not to stop.

    Nick bleeped her continuously for the next fifteen minutes.

    Ruth thought she was in heaven. She had never enjoyed s*x this way in her life. She loved it as tears of joy rushed from her eyes. She began to cry. She was happy for the first time in her life.

    She reached climax for the first time in her life too and thought she would faint because of over gratification. Yet he continued to screw her.

    He turned her around made her stand and faced him. Then he kissed her passionately of which she responded like a mad woman. While standing and facing him, he slid his Joystick into her and bleeped her while standing. He bleeped her until she reached climax again and then he turned her around and bleeped her from behind while standing.

    She wanted him to continue forever. She was enjoying every bit of the moment.

    When he reached climax, he brought out his Joystick and ejaculated on her beautiful Buttocks.

    When he was done, she turned around and faced him. “Thank you very much.” She said and quickly entered the house to clean herself up.

    To be continued.



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    Gyakie – “Something”


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