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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Friday morning, Ruth was once again alone. His husband had just left for work and she, once again, had all the time in the world to ponder about her life. The thought of her misery was drowning her and she was getting more uncomfortable with the kind of person her had been all her life.

    She regretted not exploring life when she was single. She didn’t have to be wayward to know much about herself and her sexuality.

    She felt like a living dead, life was making no meaning and nothing in the bible seemed to help. She didn’t want to read more of it because it would make her become the person she didn’t want to be any longer. She had misunderstood life by shying away from all that made it worth living.

    She suddenly wanted to explore into that wild side of herself. This was why she had been acting crazy around Nick. The young man had become her object of interest lately, perhaps because he seemed to make her want to do crazy things. If he could make love to a girl out there in his balcony, then she could feel free to flirt and act wild around him.

    It had been fun, acting all slutty and crazy.

    Promiscuity was really interesting, she had found out. She liked it. She liked the way she had allowed him see part of her unclothedness.

    Ruth felt like she was gradually coming out of her closet. She was becoming open about life.

    She had recalled her action over and over again. It excited her to see that she could flirt with Nick. Yet, she didn’t think she could involve in extra marital affairs with him.

    She didn’t think she could forgive herself if she did that.

    Ruth still loved her husband. He was the man who had married her, disvirgined her and promised to love her all her life. He was a caring man and had not intentionally hurt her. She just didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t make real love to her like a real man. It was annoying and that was why she had chosen to stay away from it for a while. She really didn’t know what she would do with the man she loved. She just didn’t want him to touch her only to leave her empty.

    He had acted strange yesterday when he came home. He had come home late and kept to himself, acting all guilty. In fact, she had noticed that he made great effort to avoid her last night. This was unlike Paul, but she really hadn’t cared. She was more interested in flirting with Nick.

    Around three pm, Ruth thought she heard a motorcycle pull over in front of her building. It was followed by a knock on the door. She quickly peeped through the window and saw that the motorcycle had a DHL emblem on it.

    She opened the door and was faced with a mail man. He had a white envelop in his hand.

    “Good afternoon madam, does Mrs. Ruth stay here?” the man politely asked.

    “Yes, I am the one.”

    He stretched his hand to give her the letter, “I have a letter for you.”

    She curiously collected it, wondering who would send her a letter.

    “Please sign here.” He gave her a pen and a note and indicated to her where she would sign.

    Ruth signed and closed the door behind her as he quickly left.

    She opened the letter that had a solid content.

    The solid disc like content was wrapped in a white paper and on the paper was written, ‘for your viewing pleasure.’

    Now she became more curious. She brought out the disc and quickly slotted it into the DVD in the sitting room.

    As Ruth tried to watch the CD, she wondered who had sent it to her. Perhaps it was Paul.

    Perhaps he was trying to tell her something through this medium because of the way she had been acting recently. She couldn’t just wait to see what was inside.

    The CD started playing and Ruth relaxed to watch.

    At first she thought Paul was in a brothel with a woman. Then she thought the lady was familiar.

    Ruth watched her walk up to Paul who was sitting nervously on a seat in a neat sitting room. Ruth couldn’t believe what she was watching.

    The lady sat beside Paul, pulled his head towards hers and began to kiss him. It was crazy as Ruth watched her husband kiss and smooched the lady. The lady reached for her husband’s trouser and pulled out his Joystick.

    It was the same lady that had made love to her neighbor in his balcony!

    She watched Paul get heated up and moaned in pleasure and soon he was having live s*x with her. Paul ejaculated as soon as it started, just the way he does with her, and the lady begged him not to stop. The scene CD stopped playing just as Paul stood up.

    Ruth couldn’t believe her eyes.

    She couldn’t tell how she felt about what she just saw. She felt no anger, just surprise and a deep desire for s*x.

    To be continued.



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