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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Then she walked back to the sitting room, dropped something on the TV and sat on an empty seat close by.

    “I really like you Mr. Paul. And I want you to know that I don’t intend to make you stop loving your wife. You are really a cute man and this is just a once in a life time opportunity to be with a man I really admire. No strings attached really.” She just wanted him to relax.

    He just nodded and tried to hold onto a stare at her.

    She stood up and sat by his side and then she touched his back and rubbed it gently.

    Then she dropped her plate and dragged his head to face hers. She kissed him and he yielded and responded to her kiss.

    Paul found Boma extremely attractive and so the lust he had for her had overwhelmed his sense of reasoning.

    Boma reached for his trouser and unzipped it, bringing out his already hardened Joystick.

    He moaned with pleasure as she rubbed it.

    Then she quickly took off her cloths and helped him take his off too.

    She liked that he seemed to be enjoying every bit of her touch; he was actually acting like a man who hadn’t had s*x in a long while.

    Once they were both Unclad, she grabbed his Joystick once again and stroked them fiercely while she kissed and rubbed him all over, encouraging him to touch her too.

    He enjoyed every bit of the moment and loved the feel of her beautiful body. The energy she brought in was exhilarating and he wanted this to last forever. He touched her Kitty-Cat and the wetness was killing.

    “Bleep me!” she commanded and sat on the seat spreading her legs wide apart.

    He positioned himself and slotted his Joystick into her. The excitement he felt was too much for him to handle and after ten thrusts, he ejaculated into her.

    “Please don’t tell me you are through.” She said, a bit surprised. She reached out her hand and touched his Joystick, it had already gone flaccid. He was breathing heavily like someone who had ran a hundred meter race.

    She pushed him out off her and stood up, her body wanting more of the action. She couldn’t remember the last time she slept with such a weak man.

    “What was that? Is this the injustice you do to your wife?”

    He just sat there looking at her and feeling all embarrassed.

    “I want to guess this is because it’s the first round and you will soon be up and ready to give me a satisfying second round.”

    He remained silent and she asked, “Are we soon going to go for second round?”

    He shook his head weakly, “I am tired. Some other time.” he already regretted his action.

    Everything had downed on him after the s*x and he felt shamed and sinful. He just wanted to stand up and leave the house.

    “Who is going to have another time with you?” she said. “Don’t tell me this is what you do to your wife every night… wait, do you just do a two seconds first round and sleep off?”

    He didn’t reply and she instantly knew that this was the situation in his s*x life. It made her angry but she saw it as an opportunity to help him. “I am surprised your wife has not yet killed you. No woman deserves a man like you.”

    He felt more embarrassed than regret. Now she was making him feel even worse than his wife had made him felt a few days ago. He just wanted to leave. “Please, I want to go home.” he pleaded, and made to stand up. He was Unclad and really wanted to cover his shame.

    “Sit down! You are going nowhere.”

    Paul sat down like he had been commanded by a soldier.

    “You think you can come over here, get me in that mood and leave me empty just like that? You must be joking. I will never let you leave this house except you satisfy me, get it?”

    She picked up her skirt and blouse and wore them while he stared at her like she was planning to kill him.

    Then she walked to the exit door and locked it.

    She turned to face him with a mischievous grin on her face. “Try to relax a bit while I get you something to eat.” With that, she walked into the kitchen.

    Minutes later, she served him a plate of peppered rice and a glass of vanilla yoghurt. He was now wearing just his trouser.

    “Eat and refresh yourself.”

    Like a confused baby, Paul picked up the spoon and began to eat. It was a nice meal and he enjoyed every bit of it.

    After eating, she gently sat beside him, “I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you and you can actually do better sexually. I just want you to relax and have your partner in mind. Remember she is a woman and needs to be satisfied during s*x too. That should be your aim too.”

    He nodded. He had actually thought women didn’t really like s*x. He had thought only promiscuous women enjoyed s*x.

    “Most times the first round could be short but you have to make it up with a good second round.”

    “But I get fagged out and undesirous of s*x after the first round.” He said.

    “That is how it is with every man but that weird feeling fades away with time. Besides, you mustn’t allow it to linger for long, you must bring in your energy. Again, do not allow yourself to be over excited during s*x. Always try to calm yourself down and be in control of your emotions when they are trying to over blow… now breathe in and out. I want you to take your time this time around. Determine to satisfy me and also have fun while it lasts.”

    She pulled him up and they began to kiss once again. Soon he got excited and was in the mood again.

    This time around he took his time, allowing himself enjoy her touch and also the feel of her body. He paid attention to her reaction to his touch and sought to make her enjoy him more.

    He loved the way she moaned and responded to his touch even as she caressed him too.

    She bent down and began to suck his Joystick.

    Paul felt excited but was determined to control his emotion. So he kept on reminding himself that he was yet to satisfy her. He liked the way her tongue caressed his Joystick.

    She stood up and pushed him to the chair and sat on him, her legs spread apart.

    Paul saw her wide Kitty-Cat staring at him and used his finger to caress it. She moaned and begged him to Bleep her.

    While on him, she guided his Joystick into her wetness and began to ride him.

    He enjoyed every feel of her virginal wall and touched her all over, loving every moment.

    She continued to ride him until her thighs began to pain her. Yet she was enjoying the fact that he was yet to Erupt. She stood up from him and lay on the chair, legs spread apart.

    “Just Bleep me,” she asked.

    He drew himself closer and guided his Joystick into her and began to Bleep her following every rhythm she asked of him; faster when she wanted it and slower when she demanded.

    She was at her peak when he ejaculated so they both shared the delicate moment together.

    He fell to the chair, two of them breathing heavily.

    Paul couldn’t believe he had done that.

    He had never enjoyed s*x this way in his life. He suddenly felt like a real man.

    Boma looked at him and smiled. The man actually had it in him and she was sure that he could be better with time. “So why did you decide to come around and Bleep me?”

    He looked at her; there was no shame on his face, just a little guilt.

    “What did your wife do to you that made you take the hard decision?” she wanted to know if his lovely wife had bleeped Nick.

    He might have enjoyed the moment, but Paul regretted cheating on his lovely innocent wife.

    Then he realized that he had wanted to talk to someone about what he was going through at home. “It all started the day we parked into Rich Green Estate, the day I saw you Unclad in my neighbor’s balcony…”

    As he talked Boma could see that Paul really loved his wife. He talked with so much emotion and regret. And by the time he was through with his narration, emotional tears were flowing from his eyes.

    On the television, the camera continued to record everything that took place in the living room.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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