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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Boma didn’t have to plan on how to execute her plan because her object of interest walked into her office that Thursday evening.

    Despite having predicted earlier on that Mr. Paul would definitely come back, her heart had skipped in response to a slight shock at his sudden appearance. He had gently walked into her office and had hardly looked towards her direction as he sat down on one of the customer seats. Other customer care agents were free and had signaled to him to come up to them but he had politely rejected their offer and pointed towards her direction.

    She smiled; he had come to see her. He had come to screw her.

    She wondered what must have transpired between him and his wife that had made him to get the courage to come back. Perhaps his wife had indicated obvious interest to Bleep Nick.
    Perhaps he was on a revenge mission.

    Boma was certain that he must be lacking in some aspects of sexual touch and this could easily make his wife want to consider bleeping Nick after seeing the way the young man had banged her in the balcony.

    The cute man looked funny as he sat down in the lobby waiting for her, yet making great effort to avoid eye contact with her. From the way he was acting, Boma thought he might change his mind at any moment, so she hurried to finish up with the client that she was attending to. The client would be her last for the day.

    Somehow, she almost pitied the man, but she also couldn’t wait to handle him; she intended to screw the hell out of him.

    Well, he’d better hold on there and not change his mind; she was definitely going to guide him through this process of adultery.

    She finished up with the client and signaled to him to come over. She planned to make this easy for him.

    “Good evening Mr. Paul, I am really glad to see you. Can you just hang on a few minutes; I will be with you in a short while.” She said once he had gotten to her desk.

    There was a professional attractive smile on her face and it made his heart melt. The girl was a real beauty and he felt honored that she found him attractive.

    He just nodded his head like a baby and walked back to his seat.

    It was so funny that Boma almost laughed out.

    Soon she was through for the day and quickly led the obviously nervous man out of the office.

    Once they got outside, she turned to him,

    “I would have loved us to take some snacks in a nice eatery, but fortunately, I have some drinks at home and I can prepare us something better to eat in my house. Don’t you think its better we hang out and talk in my house?”

    “Yes… that would be fine,” he nervously replied.

    Paul was feeling so weird. His conscience was prickling him and he was sure the Holy Ghost was battling with evil spirits to convince him not to do what he was about to do. He couldn’t believe he had come here on his own to meet this lady. What was wrong with him? Was he going to go against all he had preached and believed just because his wife told him he was not great in bed? Was that enough reason to sin against God? He wondered how God would be feeling at the moment, watching his beloved son walk straight into the devil’s arms.

    Paul wished God could do something. He needed every strength to overcome this temptation. He had made short silent prayers for the strength to walk away but every time he beheld the pretty angel, he would just feel his knees go weak. He shouldn’t have come.

    Why had he come here to face this lady? That was his first mistake.

    He wanted to just walk away but Boma was making him a bit comfortable in what he was about to do. Then he started to rationalize and justify his action. His wife hated him because he was not good in bed, a little adultery would make him a better husband. He was doing this for the good of his marriage. He needn’t feel guilty. All he needed was the experience so as to make better love to his wife.

    She stopped a taxi and they hopped in.

    “Take us to No. 3 Power Street.” She said to the driver. Then she tuned to Paul. “So how was your day sir?”

    “F…fine, my day was okay.” Paul knew he had to be confident.

    “Yes, mine was stressful. The clients kept coming and harassing us like we were practically robbing them. A little network failure and they would start acting like old ladies.

    People are just so difficult, you can never do anything to please them…” on and on and on, she kept on talking, until the driver pulled up in front of her home. “We are here,” she announced and paid off the cab man.

    By now Paul had forgotten almost everything about Christian virtues. He was already on a mission and the mission must be complete. He would deal with the consequences later.

    He felt very welcomed once he got into her home. It was a one bedroom flat and the sitting room had an appealing feminine look.

    “Please have a seat and do feel free.

    Emm…what would you like to take?”

    “Let me have water for now.” He replied as he sat down. He liked the fact that her home was neat and organized.

    Boma dropped her bag and rushed into the kitchen to serve herself a plate of rice.

    She took a bottle of water from the fridge and walked into the sitting room to give it to him.

    With the plate in her hand, she walked into her room.

    She must set the room for the show. She had a naughty plan in mind.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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