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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Ever since Boma had made him believe there was a possibility that his neigbour’s wife might be lusting after him, Nick had never gotten the lovely gentle lady out of his mind. He began to seriously lust after the married woman!

    Worst still, he had caught her staring lustfully at him without making any move to hide this fact whenever he caught her staring.

    She would stand in her kitchen balcony and stare directly at him whenever he came out. He knew she wanted him.

    She did something yesterday that had made his mind not able to concentrate on work all day.

    He had come home quite early and was sure her husband was not home yet. Then he had purposely announced his presence to her by hanging around his kitchen and making obvious sounds.

    To his excitement, she had come out of her balcony, feigning busy.

    She was tying a wrapper across her chest. While she made to carry her chair into the house after staying out there and staring at his direction for some time, she had allowed her wrapper to fall to the floor.

    From where he stood, he could see her Christian pointed medium sized banana like bosom for she had no bra underneath the wrapper. She was wearing a sparkling white lace pant that perfectly fitted her perfectly curved hips.

    Nick felt a rush of excitement as his joystick made to shoot out of his pants. Till this moment, he couldn’t understand how he was able to resist bursting out of the kitchen to grab the pretty Unclad lady.

    She had gently dropped the chair and slowly picked up her wrapper, taking her time to tie it back across her chest. She picked up the chair once again and walked towards her kitchen door.

    Before she entered, she looked behind her towards Nick’s kitchen, and then she disappeared into the kitchen.

    Nick felt paralyzed. Did the born-again pretty married lady just purposely allowed him to take a peep at her beautiful body?

    From what he saw, he could confirm that she was a real child of God. Who else could beget such a beautiful meek creature if not God? Now he wanted nothing but a feel of the angel.

    He didn’t care that she was married and besides there was a price for succeeding – a heart warming round of s*x with Boma and her friend. It was a win win situation and it did nothing but heightened his excitement and determination.

    He just had to give that lady what she wanted.

    Surprising the whole adulterous desire was even more exciting, knowing it was a sin and beyond his scope of doing things.

    It was like an adventurous ride into a strange world where one was sure he would reap a lot of goodies.

    He now knew the woman wanted her, all he had to do was play her cards right. He must also strike while the iron was hot.

    Nick decided he was going to make it a duty to come home early; he was sure the opportunity to make a move would come at such times. He would also look for a way to start interacting with her. He would start by greeting her whenever he saw her.

    He just prayed he would make his plan easy for him by not playing hard to get.

    Since Nick met Boma, he easily got lonely whenever he came home after work. He now craved for such exciting moments he had had with her. she had shown him another side of life and he just wanted life to be this interesting and exciting all the way.

    He was glad he met her but he prayed that he would be able to keep her for long. She looked like someone who could slip away from his grip any moment from now. But for now, he was going to enjoy her while it lasted.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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