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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    In the days that followed Paul found himself sinking deep into his misery. He felt torn apart with his self esteem reduced to the lowest level.

    He lost every sense of pride and felt shamed whenever he beheld his wife or even thought of her. He couldn’t bring himself to hate her for what she had said about his s*x life; instead, he hated himself more than ever.

    He didn’t pray about his situation because he didn’t know what to ask God in prayer. Was he going to be like, ‘dear God please give me the strength and wisdom to make better love to my wife’? That would be the most senseless and useless prayer any human had ever made. He didn’t fell like a man any longer around Ruth. And to think that she had been bearing his ‘unsatisfactory’ love making all these while even made him wonder how she had been managing him.

    Ruth was the woman he loved. She was an innocent woman he had brought into his home and she had made him happy all these while.

    He had lived for her and had tried to be the best man he could ever be just for her.
    How could he have known that he had been making her suffer and live a life of regret for marrying him?

    Why had he even taken their love life for granted? Yes, he had never given his s*x life a second thought. He had thought it was a secondary issue that didn’t really require much attention given the fact that they were more involved in heavenly race.

    Paul had also never seen Ruth as someone who would bother much about how he made love to her. She had always been this reserved girl he had married as a virgin. He thought she didn’t really care. She didn’t know anything about s*x before he married her, how could he have known that he was not giving it to her the way she liked it. He had never even known that there was actually a way she liked it. She had never been open about her sexuality.

    If such an innocent, loving and gentle woman could complain about his style of love making, then he must be really bad at it. And that was why he felt very bad. Wasn’t he really a man?

    Coming home every evening became a torn in his flesh. Seeing her and eating her food, knowing that he hadn’t been able to satisfy her as man all these while made him felt useless.

    At the moment, he just sat alone in his office and pondered on his situation. For the first time in a very long while, Paul took a mental journey back to his worldly days.

    He had, in his late teens, craved for women and had slept with a couple of them but that was a long time ago. He hardly even remembered what sleeping with a different woman, apart from Ruth, was like. He had always been a moral person and had avoided fornication right from when he repented at the age of twenty two.

    As a young Christian, he had practically avoided sexual intercourse by outrigthly pushing the thought out of his mind. It was an abomination to his God and the thought of it was a sin.

    Thinking about his past life brought him to the realization that he knew absolutely nothing about s*x. He had, in the course of trying to live an absolute Christian life, neglected a very important part of living. s*x must be very important to a man’s ego, if not, why had he felt really bad at the realization that he hadn’t been able to satisfy his wife?

    He was suffering alone and didn’t know who to talk to about this issue. How was he going to tell his pastor or friends that his wife was angry with him because he wasn’t able to satisfy her in bed? They would laugh behind his back and even blame his childless state on him.

    How was he even going to know how to satisfy her sexually? If what he had been doing to her had not been good enough, what was he supposed to do to make her happy? Worst still, there was nowhere in the bible that gave s*x lessons.

    Perhaps he should try once again with her and see if he could improve over time. No, he wasn’t supposed to touch her again until he was sure he would satisfy her.

    Suddenly a flash image of the Unclad girl he had seen in his neighbor’s balcony some days ago came into his mind. Paul was sure it was the devil trying to make him lust for the girl once again. But the thought of the Unclad girl lingered. Who wouldn’t lust for such perfect body? Then Paul felt bad that someone like him would never be able to satisfy such a girl. He couldn’t even satisfy a novice like Ruth.

    But couldn’t it be possible that his sexual life was unsatisfactory because he was only having s*x with a novice like Ruth? Come to think of it, how could he perfect in the act of love making when he only slept with just his innocent inexperienced wife? She was the one who had made him this way! He had come to accept she was okay with their lovemaking because she never said otherwise; neither does she bring in her own energy into the game.

    Yes, the onus was on him to satisfy her, but he was also somehow a novice too as regard to s*x.

    The lady, Boma, had given him the green light the last time he saw her at her office. Did she want him to sleep with her?

    Paul couldn’t believe he was thinking this way. But he really didn’t care. He didn’t want to think of the consequences of such thought. For now he would do anything to make his wife happy. He would do anything to make himself feel like a man too.

    He allowed himself to reminisce on Boma’s beautiful body. Then he remembered how she had acted towards him at her office and all he could see was enough reason to believe she must want to sleep with him too.

    He usually closed early on Thursday’s for weekly fellowship, but today, he was going to go to Boma’s office and if she continues to give him the light, he would hang out with her today and attend fellowship next week.

    To be continued.



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