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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    In the days that followed, Ruth became a different person. She was unhappy and didn’t try to hide this fact. Her prayer life reduced too and all she could think was that she was stucked in this marriage. She wasn’t sure she even loved her husband again. She spent her days wondering what she was really missing in her love life even as it related with s*x.

    She didn’t think she deserved what she was getting, not after remaining a virgin all her life until she met her husband. Seeing those two make love a few days ago had exposed her to the fact that she was not getting the best in s*x. How long would she continue to live like this? Paul’s presence was simply annoying and she was finding it difficult to stand him.

    Why couldn’t he just give her the best in s*x? Why couldn’t he make her scream?

    She stopped talking freely with him and spoke to him only when it was necessary.

    Paul was worried too. Something was eating his wife up. She was acting like someone who had been possessed with evil spirit. He couldn’t forget how she had acted the last time he made love to her. She was acting like a prostitute or like a worldly woman. She had shamelessly asked him to rub her femalecore like a worldly lady would do. Christians don’t act that way.

    Now she had refused him touching her. What had he done wrong? Why had she decided to starve him of s*x? He had somehow liked the energy she had brought in during their last s*x even though it had sounded worldly and he would love to have her again. Why was she starving him of s*x? What had he done to deserve such treatment from her?

    Ruth had always been such a gentle lady and had always been homely and well mannered. s*x had never been an issue between them.

    Paul had also noticed a decline in her Christian life. What was wrong with his wife? He was sure she was angry with him for something he didn’t know he had done.

    Ruth on the other hand didn’t know why she was suddenly acting this way. This was not the first time she had wanted more after s*x with Paul. Why was she allowing it to get at her this way? Why was she suddenly letting the devil have his way with her? Why was she forgetting her Christian virtues?

    She was afraid of the future. Afraid that the emptiness she felt could make her run mad soonest. The worst part was that she knew prayers wouldn’t solve this. The only thing that could solve this problem was for Paul to up his game. She was angry at Paul for not knowing her problem. How could he not know that he was not satisfying her sexually? How couldn’t he be like their neighbor? Does Christianity teach that one shouldn’t be much active and energetic during s*x?

    Now she can’t help but stare at her neighbor whenever she saw him. The memory of his tight Buttocks and strong legs would come flashing into her head. She would clearly remember him giving it to that lady like she had never imagined.

    She would run into the kitchen to have a peep at him whenever she hears a sound from his kitchen. She would spend minutes watching him and wishing he would just make love to her.

    Her Christian virtues entailed that she would never have a taste of another man all her life.
    She would never know what it felt like to have another man inside her.

    The young neighbor’s manhood was a little bigger than Paul’s. She just wondered how it would feel like.

    He had caught her staring at him several times recently but she didn’t care anymore. The more she saw him, the more she wanted to have him. But she knew that she would never do it.

    She had always frowned at fornication, how could she think of committing adultery? The act was simply abominable and she had seen women who do it as devils themselves. How could a married woman sleep with another man? God forbid. But why was she suddenly in the situation where she was lusting after another man?

    Again she couldn’t bring herself to talk to Paul about this. All her life she had never been opened about her sexuality. She had never discussed her sexual life with anyone. How can she look into Paul’s eyes and tell him she wanted him to give her more in bed. That would definitely sound ridiculous.

    Paul had already decided he would talk to her that evening and find out what was wrong with her.

    She went into the room once she had served him his dinner. Usually she would hang around and discuss that day with him.

    After eating, Pau joined her in the room.

    “Can you please talk to me and tell me what is bothering you?”

    Ruth hadn’t expected him to talk to her this evening. She had not prepared an answer for him. So she remained silent. She was lying on the bed.

    “Ruth, please talk to me. What wrong have I done to you?” Paul tried again.


    “Silence can never solve any problem dear. We can’t live as man and wife like this forever. What wrong have I done that cannot be spoken out?” he came closer and sat on the bed. Why have you refused to allow me touch you as your husband?”

    Ruth suddenly faced him and looked into his eyes.

    “I am not happy. You have never satisfied me sexually. You married me a virgin and the least you can do for me is make me happy when it comes to love making.”

    Paul was very surprised at this revelation. What in the world is wrong with this woman?

    “But you have never complained about this before. Why is this suddenly an issue now?”

    “I am bringing it up now Paul. You have to do something about it now because I can no longer bear it. Do something before it is too late. I just need to know I married a man and not a woman like me. Make me feel like a woman for once in my life.”

    Paul was short of words. His loving gentle God fearing wife had just debased him by telling him the most embarrassing words any woman had ever told him.

    He was so embarrassed that he felt like crying.

    Ruth had just stripped him off his manhood.

    To be continued.



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