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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Ruth couldn’t really say how she managed to breathe normally after the insane act she had seen earlier that day. What in the world were those two crazy people thinking by having s*x out there in the open like animals?

    What she saw was simply unbelievable, it was pure evil.

    She was sure this was the same girl that had walked around Unclad for her husband to see some days ago. Wasn’t the whole house enough for them to have their abominable act?

    What kind of demon was in possession of these two?

    She didn’t know what to think neither was she able to get the memory of the grotesque sight out of her head.

    She tried to get herself busy by doing some house chores but everything she thought in her mind couldn’t allow her do anything meaningful. The thought kept screaming in her head.

    Why was the lady even screaming like that?
    Why did she allow him to use his mouth to… oh!

    Ruth felt like going insane. Never had she seen two people have s*x before, not to think of having it in such a bizarre way. Was that the way every other couple had s*x?

    Everything was insanely different from what she always had with Paul. Yet Ruth had always known that there was more to the act than she always got from her husband.

    Yes, why was she even screaming like that?
    Was she just acting crazy? Why did she allow him to make love to her in different positions?
    How was s*x even possible in all those position?

    Ruth couldn’t imagine herself being made love to that way. It was barbaric and animalist. It was wayward and worldly.

    Her screams… somehow, Ruth could relate with those screams. It was pleasure, but why was she so loud? Was the feeling different?

    She had always wanted more when having s*x with Paul. But she didn’t know all those positions and all those oral stuffs were possible…and enjoyable too, given the way the lady had reacted.

    She could remember her pastor condemning MouthAction once and could also remember wondering what in the world he was talking about.

    Well, she had seen it… it was nauseating. Yet the lady screamed.

    She must be an animal, Ruth thought. She was full of energy and allowed herself to enjoy every bit of the moment. The lady didn’t even care if what she was doing was a sin to her creator.

    Ruth was even sure that the young man was not her husband!!
    Ruth felt sinful for even having seen the act.
    She wished she could plug her eyes out. She couldn’t delete the thought of the young man’s tight Buttocks slamming in and out of the lady with so much energy. He was good. And he lasted for too long too.

    The scream… it made Ruth imagine the pleasure she must have been going through.

    The worst part was that she had somehow been turned on by what she saw that morning.

    She had gotten wet and had desired instant s*x.
    She hated the guilt she felt. She hated herself for wishing her husband could make love to her in such and energetic way. She found herself wondering, for the first time in her life, if she was missing something.

    Wasn’t it God that created s*x? Wasn’t it meant to be enjoyed? Why then wouldn’t she have it and enjoy it with her husband just the way the girl had enjoyed it with her neighbor. Why must she feel she needed more each time she had s*x with Paul?

    Ruth didn’t like all the questions her mind was throwing at her. She regretted going into the kitchen when she heard strange sound coming from the background and she was sure it was all the devil’s plan. She wished Paul could just come around and keep her company and perhaps make love to her. The urge to have s*x became uncontrollably strong even though she knew she would never have it like that girl.

    Later in the evening, Ruth thought she might go crazy if she continued staying alone at home and thinking about s*x. She had tried meditating in the word of God and praying but she knew she was just deceiving herself.

    So she decided to take a stroll out of the house, perhaps go to the estate supermarket and buy detergent.

    Ruth quickly dressed up and left the house.

    Had the girl gone home? Ruth wondered even as she constantly looked towards the quiet building while making her way to the supermarket. She was simply dressed in a black long skirt and a female blouse with a white head tie to cover her hair.

    The supermarket was half a kilometer away from her new house; it was the more reliable retail outlet one was sure to get anything she wanted in the estate.

    She got to the shop and quickly went to the detergent shelf. She also decided to look around before leaving the shop.

    She got to the provision section and behold she could see her neighbor trying to select from the pack of beverages. He was carried away while doing his shopping.

    Ruth stopped and stared at him. At first, she had believed he was a devil, but she found herself remembering how his tight Buttocks had been so visible to her while he made love to that lady earlier today. He was like an enigma and she couldn’t do anything but stare.


    Nick had thought he’d better do some shopping right after Boma had left his home earlier that evening. It had been a crazy and fun filled day and it was worth not going to work. Boma was showing him the other side of life and s*x. Making love to her in the office toilet and right there in his balcony had given him a whole new sexual sensation. After she had left, she decided he needed to take milk so as to regain his lost energy but didn’t have any at home. So he decided to go to the estate supermarket to get some.

    Somehow, as he made a choice on what to buy, he felt someone was watching him. He reflexively looked towards his left and saw his pretty married neighbor looking at him like he was an alien.

    Their eyes locked for about ten seconds and Ruth quickly took hers off and hurriedly left the supermarket. The sight of him had stirred up something in her, but she didn’t know what it was. She wanted to hate it but she seemed to like it.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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