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    Stanley wiped his greasy hands on a dirty rag he had pulled out from the pocket of his ripped jeans.

    He had just finished working on a Honda whose owner sat in the cool of a shade pressing her phone and observing him from the corner of her eyes.

    The sun was blistering hot and the light skinned Stanley was already sunburned.

    He was sweating profusely and his eyes smarted painfully from the brightness and intensity of the sun.

    Beads of sweat formed on his brow even as he cursed the government under his breath for his plight.

    A graduate like him slaving under the sun. He hissed to himself and beckoned to the car owner to come over.

    He was done.

    “I see you’re done” Pauline the car owner smiled at him.

    “Yes” he grunted. He wasn’t in any mood for a chit chat.

    “I have your payment ready”

    “Hand it over then, what’s the delay?”

    “Here” she replied handing over a small piece of paper with a phone number written on it”

    “What’s this?” Stanley asked confused.

    “That’s my number…”

    “And so?”

    “Do you know how many guys would pay more than six thousand naira to have those digits?”

    “How that one take affect me?!”

    “But you were the one who…”

    “Alaye pay my money jor, shey you dey mad ni?!”

    “Stop shouting you’ll create a scene”

    “No be only scene, na scenario I go create now just watch!” Stanley yelled bringing out his phone to fake a call.

    “Alaye how e dey happen? Why you dey harass this fine girl” Razor a street thug who had been observing from a distance asked Stanley approaching the duo.

    “Baba see me see trouble o, I do work for am finish make e pay my money e dey give me phone number. You don hear that kind thing before?”

    “For where that one dey happen na? Even for film sef e no dey happen”

    “You don see am now, help me judge matter o”

    “Fine girl with your fine pencil skirt why you dey do like this now?” Razor queried her stepping closer.

    “No, actually what happened was that…”

    “Forget grammar pay my money jor!” Stanley snapped at her.

    “Alaye you calm down make she talk her own now, abi you drink cow piss ni?” Fine girl continue no mind am”

    “Okay thank you. You see this guy here, he’s just unbelievable”

    “I don notice am for him eye, but you never still talk wetin happen”

    “Okay, so we were talking before he started work and he said he’d give anything to have my number. So I decided to hold his payment in exchange for my number and all hell was let loose” Pauline explained.

    “Alaye wetin she talk na true?”

    “How you go dey ask me that kind question, abi your destiny dey inside aboki kettle ni?” Stanley fired.

    “Na me you dey tell that one? Be like say you want make I use blow construct federal road on top your head” Razor threatened.

    “Baba dey calm down for me na” Stanley pleaded shifting to a safe distance.

    Razor eyed Stanley for a few seconds before turning to Pauline.

    “Fine girl, wetin happen be say you go pay him money since una two no agree on that mumu trade by barter”

    Feeling cornered, Pauline reluctantly brought out the money folded into a neat bundle from her purse and handed it over to a Stanley who snatched it greedily from her.

    He counted it quickly to make sure it was complete before raising his head back up to speak.

    “So about that number, can I still have it?”

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Re: “The Labourer’s Wage” – Short Story Of The Day by Ada: 8:52 pm On September 30, 2020

    Very funny oo


Re: “The Labourer’s Wage” – Short Story Of The Day by Evans: 6:09 pm On October 19, 2020
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    My Neighbor And The Native Doctor – Funny Short Story!

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