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    Williams: “It is okay! You are fine now” he said.

    Jasmine: “Yeah sure. Thank you” she quickly disengaged from him. “I will go pack my things and leave your house” she said and made to go but he held her back.

    Williams: “Please don’t leave”

    Jasmine: “I’m sorry but I have to. I am no longer fit to be your wife now. I am not fit to be wife to anyone. I should give way for the one you love” she said without looking back at him even though he still held her hand.

    Williams: “The one I thought I loved has opened my eyes to the fact that I still love you. Anyone can make mistakes, you offended me yeah but I think I have punished you enough. I could have done something worst to you, wouldn’t you have forgiven me?”

    Jasmine: “I don’t know what to say but I don’t think things will ever be the same between us again. I messed up real bad and I don’t know if my conscience will ever allow me stay on as your wife. Please just let me go”

    Williams: “But where will you go to? We will work things out. This might even make us stronger and besides the devil I know is better than the angel I don’t know. Don’t forget that to you, Miranda was an angel but she turned out being the angel of darkness. If we separate now, you might meet someone worse than me and so can I. We have both done our worst now it remains our best. We have learnt a lot from this and that is not to trust blindly. Together, we can make this work okay? Please stay with me and remain my wife. I am sorry too for all I made you go through in the name of teaching you a lesson. I went to an extreme”

    She faced him at last…

    Jasmine: “You are really forgiving me?” she said with an emotion laden voice.

    Williams: “Yes I am. You are forgiving me too?” he cupped her face in his hands, looking into her tear-filled eyes.

    Jasmine: “Of course honey!”
    ==This is a Playloaded StOry==
    A month later, she went to see Maxwell at the hospital where he had been receiving treatment at. The day he was freed, he had been found in his cell hanging on a noose. He had tied a long rope to the window and hung himself on it. But for the timely intervention of the warder who took the news of his release to him, he would have died.

    Maxwell: “I feel so ashamed each time you come here to see me Bambi” he dropped his head. “I have told you on many occasions to stop coming here. It is a psychiatrist hospital do you know that?”

    Bambi: “Of course I know that but I refuse to stop coming anyway. How are you? How is your treatment going?” she reached out and held his hands in hers. They felt unusually cold.

    Maxwell: “I feel much better now. No more fear of the unknown. I am just living each day at a time now. I was really messed up Bambi and almost messed your life up too. I am sorry” he apologized a millionth time since his release.

    Bambi: “I know. I know you are. You will be out of here soon and guess what? My pencil artist friend has volunteered to partner with you. First, he will teach you how to make use of your hands in drawing and then set you up somewhere too. You wouldn’t have to be jobless anymore. But if there is something else you want to do, just mention it”.

    Maxwell: “Oh really? I always loved drawing. I left it many years ago when I started searching for a job. I should have just developed my talent rather than killing myself over another person’s job” he said regretfully.

    Bambi: “It is not too late for that. You can still do it and Max? It is not too late for us. We can still work things out right?” she asked coyly.

    Maxwell: “You want to get back with me? Jesus Bambi! You are an angel. I have never seen a woman like you before. No amount of money would have ever made my life complete without you in it. I don’t deserve you but I will try to prove myself worthy of this second chance for the rest of my life. I owe you my life Bambi. I owe you all that I will ever become” he jumped on her out of excitement and whirled her around not minding that people were staring at them.

    He suddenly dropped her and looked into her eyes “You are not pregnant?”

    Bambi: “Nah! I wasn’t fertile at that moment, I had just finished my period the day before that day. What I got was infections though for not being able to bath for days but I’ve been treated. I am free from them now” she replied with a glint of amusement.

    Maxwell: “Oh thank God a baby wasn’t made in that circumstance. Dear, for what I did, I am going to make up for it for the rest of my life. I promise”
    ==You are reading a Playloaded StOry==
    Gloria, unable to maintain her apartment anymore packed in with Skedulla since she had no other choice. Her cousin Jasmine helped her the little way she could but wouldn’t allow her stay with her in her matrimonial home- once bitten, twice shy. She soon took in for Skedulla who had always had a crush on her and had no other option but to marry him. She always cursed the day she started being discontent with what she had. The day she started lusting after other men, branding her husband sterile and incapable. She wished she could turn back the hands of time but it was already too late. She had to continue managing with the crumb that fell from her cousin’s table and the little money her husband brought home.

    THE END!!!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read our stories, God bless you all and please share your thoughts about this story too and the lessons learnt, if any. Thanks and God bless y’all.





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