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    Me: come in

    The girl walked in, to my surprise it was a 100 level student in my department. Chai! 100 level student.

    She’s one of the hottest among the 100 level students. My eyes were on her, I once approached her self, but she gave me attitude. She entered my room, saw my face, fear catch am.

    Me: what’s up?

    Call girl: hello

    Me: do you recognise my face?

    Call girl: No! I don’t, I’ve not seen this face before

    Me: (surprised) In your department, mass comm right?

    Call girl: Please I’m not here for that, please hurry up.

    Wow! I was surprised the girl denied me totally, Na wa ooo. Anyway, i sha f—-d the girl.

    I f—-d her with anger for the fact that she denied me. The girl too is good, she’s a good sucker, that b—–b, I couldn’t finger her cos her p—y was kinda wide and somehow, I just pushed her to bed and kept on banging her, f—–g her p—y, flip f—-d her, kissed her, squeezing her fallen boobs, turned her over banging her so fast like a dog.

    She was just moaning, I did doggy style with her, she was really screaming, at some point, I will stop if I want to c-m, then continue f—–g her again, her legs were shaking seriously, screaming.

    I’m sure neighbours go know say something dey go down for my room. She was just saying “haaa! F–k me, aaargh, oh my God”, i even thought she wanted to cry the way i was pinning her down.

    I was f—–g her really cool, looking at her face with a flirty eyes, s—–g my lips as I was banging her, the sweetness you know. I f—-d this girl so hard with annoyance, till I finally c-m.

    Trust me i didn’t enjoy the sex, I still prefer my calabar p—y, my girl Anita, that girl’s p—y is out of this world.

    After f—–g the girl, quickly stood up remove my condom, she dressed up while I went to the toilet to remove and dispose my sperm filled condom, came back to the room, the call girl was still dressing up, I spanked her fat ass.

    Me: I didn’t know you’re this bad

    She didn’t say anything, she only smiled.

    Me: can I have your number? Or bbm pin?

    Call girl: (already dressed up) I’m sorry I can’t do that.

    Me: okay then…… Thanks anyway, I’m sure Ejiro has seen you (spanked her ass again)

    She smiled and left…. Nawa ooo, some girls can form sha, if you see this girl in the department, she’s always claiming tush and posh. See how I take f–k her p—y as a free gift from Ejiro. Some girls ehn, fear them………..


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