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    The whole place shook. The witches fell down and some of their idols fell down and broke.

    Queen: whats going on?

    She asked noone in particular and got no reply.

    Queen: i said what is going on here?

    Mama d mama: Queen mother, it seems as if a powerful force is protecting our victim.

    Mama G: it can’t be.

    Mama Ik: there is no force greater than us. Moreover, we have killed him physical so we have the right to finish him spiritually.

    Queen: Mama G.

    Mama G: yes Queen mother.

    Queen: proceed with the sacrifice.

    As she came closer to me again. It was lightning that struck the whole kingdom.

    Just then, the whole place started filling with smoke as darkness came upon the coven. As the darkness disappeared, the goddess of the Snake Ladies appeared in their middle.

    All: great goddess of the snakes.

    They greeted as they bow down for her. The Queen mother greeted her and asked her.

    Queen: great goddess of the snakes. We have captured Idris. We have also killed him physically but now, i just can’t understand what is going on again. We tried killing him spiritually but our effort is proving abortive.

    goddess: that’s because he is being protected by the one above.

    Queen: what! I thought grace and forgiveness are for those that are alive. Not the dead ones.

    goddess: yes you are right. That’s why we still have the upper hand.

    Queen: sorry my Queen but what do you mean by we still have the upper hand. Can’t you see that we can’t kill him.

    goddess: yes, that’s because his mother and a certain pastor named Val are on a mission.

    Queen: what? Mission? Which Mission?

    goddess: they are planning on reviving him.

    Queen: what?

    goddess: they are engaging on two months dry fasting and prayer.

    Queen: this is definitely not good.

    goddess: the worst of all is that at the end of the fasting, something tragic might happen to us.

    Queen: yes i know.

    goddess: that’s why its now your duty to stop Pastor Val and his mother from completing the fasting. Hunt them but day and night. Do all your best to bring them down before the end of their fasting and prayer.

    Queen: yes great goddess. We will do all our best in other to ensure that he comes down.

    goddess: failure is not and will never be accepted by me..

    She said and vanished.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle.

    All: we rule this world.

    Queen: you have all heard the goddess. Mama G step out.

    Mama G came out.

    Queen: starting from tomorrow, you will start hunting Pastor Val and also make sure that you destroy him. Pastor Val is the strongest and our main target here. After him, we attack his mother.

    Mama G: no problem Queen mother. He shall be brought down seven days from now.

    Queen: very good. I trust you because you never fail. You can now go back.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle.

    All: we rule this world…………

    Lol..they want to tamper with fire sha
    Next pls..


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