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    Mum: my son?

    Pastor Val: yes sister.

    Mum: ok pastor am all ears.

    Pastor Val: the lord revealed to me that a certain group of witches called the Snake Ladies are responsible for the accident. Reason being that he caused them the lives of two members in their Coven. The goddess of the witches has made a vow that your son must be killed and sacrificed on their altar. The whole accident issue was maped by them. As am speaking to you now, his soul is in their coven and he shall be killed this night.

    Mum: Jesus Christ!!

    She shouted and broke into tears.

    Mum: pastor, is there nothing you can do to save my son? Please pastor, you have got to help me..

    Pastor Val: hmmm. This case is a critical one as the devil already have an upper hand. Your son is dead physical but not spiritually. Reviving him is going to be very very hard.

    Mum: please sir, i will do anything just to save the life of my son.

    Pastor Val: very good. In that case, we are going to embark on sixty days drying fasting and prayer. Can you do that?

    Mum: yes sir i can do that.

    Pastor Val: very Good.

    Pastor Val: also, we shall have midnight prayer through out the sixty days with his pictures ontop of a mountain. I hope you are with his picture?

    Mum: yes sir. What of his fiance?

    Pastor Val: she have no case with them, so she is safe. Cheer up for we shall win at the end.

    Mum: thank you very much sir. May the good lord keep blessing you sir.

    Pastor Val: Amen, stand up lets pray.


    Pastor Val was seen praying on a mountain with my mother. They started their sixty days fasting and prayer from that day…

    As they were praying, the gate of heaven got open spiritually and many angels with sword were flying out.

    Some of the angels surrounded them and was guiding them from any spiritual attack.


    The snake ladies gathered as usuall. They were Mama G, Mama Ik and Mama d Mama with their Queen.

    Mama T and Mrs Bukky were no more. The snake ladies were happy and were jubilating at their success in capturing Idris.

    Queen: great Ladies of the jungle!

    All: we rule this world.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle!

    All: we rule this world.

    Queen: we have lost two of our valuable members because of this Idris. As we all know, noone dares the snake ladies and live to tell the tale.

    All: yes!

    Queen: noone Step on the tail of the cobra and leave unharmed. We are the great ladies of this world. We have power over the earth, wind, sky and sea and we rule above others.

    All: yes.

    Queen: *stretches her staff and i appeared infront of them inside a bottle*

    Queen: Mama G, proceed with the sacrifice.

    Mama G came closer to me with a knife in her hand. Immediately she touched the bottle i was trapped in, the whole place shook as a massive EARTHQUAKE storms the coven………



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