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    Pastor Val: yes who is there?

    Voice: it’s me mummy Idris.

    Pastor Val: oh come in.

    My mother walked inside the house.

    Mum: good day sir.

    Pastor Val: good day to you. Hope there is no problem?

    Mum: not at all sir, the only problem is that we have not been conducting our prayer lately. I came to ask if everything is alright.

    Pastor Val: I can’t and won’t lie to you. Everything is not fine. Infact I am under family crisis and until I sort things out with my family, every other things are suspended.

    Mum: ok, if that is the way you want it. I will be conducting the prayers alone for now.

    Pastor Val: that will be very good.

    My mum stood up without another word and left Pastor Val’s house.


    the goddess appear smiling in front of the queen mother. She seemed pleased.

    goddess: nice work Queen mother. I am truly impressed by your work. You have successfully destroyed his family. Now he is not close to his God as before. He even went to bed this night without praying.

    Queen: that means…

    goddess: he is very vulnerable to any of our attack.

    Queen: then now will be the perfect and right time to attack him. What do you think?

    goddess: same, I am solidly behind you. She said and disappeared.

    Pastor val’s house.

    She appeared inside pastor val’s room with a smile on her face. Pastor val lay on his bed deep in sleep. She simply walked over to the other side of the bed and stretched her hand towards him.

    Queen: val, val!! I summon your soul to appear before me. Appear now before me for you shall do my biddings. appear! appear!! appear!!!!!!

    She shouted and Pastor val soul appeared before her and they both disappeared to the coven.


    I couldn’t keep myself calm since this tragedy began to take place in my life.

    How could my wife and kid be admitted in the hospital in the same day. I lost my baby in the womb including my Job and the rest of my life might be spent in jail.

    At this point, believing and trusting in God won’t be as easy as I thought because the God I know will not allow his children to suffer over nothing.

    I was still thinking when mummy Idris came to my house. I had no other option than to tell her that the prayer is on hold. Good thing she just left without arguing.

    Is there any point in praying?

    Whom am I praying to?

    The same God that allowed tragedy, badluck and misfortunes to befall me?

    Is it not better I just go to bed and wake up the next day with whatever faith have in store for me?

    Surely there is no reason why I shouldn’t just go to bed like that. I mean what might happen to me that has not already happened.

    I went to bed and slept off without praying. Not long, I felt something odd. It was like I was in a dream and my soul was detached from my body.

    I followed an unknown woman to a place where she lay me down on what looked like an altar and brought out a sharp knife. A very sharp knife aiming for my head…………..

    Next plss


    Very interesting, please next


    When are you uploading the next episode na


    Am still fellowing up.next pls


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