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    The goddess appear before the Queen mother in their coven.

    Queen: I hail the great goddess.

    goddess: hmm, I am impressed. You have successfully attacked his wife and kids leaving him desperate, hopeless and helpless. I really love that.

    Queen: the other dead witches didn’t know the right approach to use. Believe me, once my next plan is done, he shall be ours.

    goddess: I see. You want him to doubt his God. If the misfortunes around him is great, he will blame his God and thus, the relationship between them will not be as strong as always making him vulnerable to our attack.

    Queen: that’s exactly the point my goddess.

    goddess: very good. I am expecting more news from you. Goodnews to be precise.

    She said and disappeared.

    Queen: don’t worry goddess. The next news you will hear will make you to be happy and yes, we shall have the last laugh.

    Early Morning next day

    Pastor Amadi Okeke, a treasurer and a pastor in GLORIOUS LIFE MINISTRIES the same church where Pastor Val worshipped was in his car driving to first bank.

    At the back seat were two big ‘Ghana must go’ with money inside. About thirteen million was with him and he was sending it to their headquarters through their bank account.

    He stopped by the road side as he saw a beautiful lady who was standing there all alone to herself.

    Pastor Amadi: hi beautiful.

    Girl: hi sir.

    Pastor Amadi: where are you heading to?

    Girl: nowhere to be specific. I can go your own way if you want.

    She replied him with a wink and he opened the front door for her. she entered inside the car and sat down. Her short gown flew up and Pastor Amadi places his hand on her lap.

    He looked at the girl and noticed that she didn’t resist him. He started touching all over her leg. When he moved his hand up to her crotch, she stopped him saying

    Girl: lets go to a hotel and devour ourselves.

    Pastor Amadi quickly changed his route as he drove to a hotel near by. He quickly booked for a room and in no time, the two adults were inside a room all alone to themselves.

    The girl simply turned and smiled. She came closer to Pastor Amadi and pushed him to the bed. Immediately he fell on the bed, she took her time and stripped him naked.

    Then she took his d–k in her hands and started stroking it.

    Pastor Okeke: hmmm!

    He moaned silently. After stroking his d–k for a while, she bent down a bit and took him in her mouth.

    Pastor Amadi: oh yea baby.

    He moaned as he was deep into her mouth. She withdrew his d–k and swallowed it. Then she started s—–g him up and down.

    Pastor Amadi: oh yes baby. I love that.

    She removed his d–k from her mouth and started s—–g his balls while she continued stroking him.

    Pastor Amadi: I think I am going to c-m baby. Faster, faster, faster, farrrrrrrrrrr…

    He moaned as he shot his c-m directly into the air. She stood up, picked a tissue from the bathroom and cleaned the mess.

    Then she continued s—–g him again till he was fully erected. At this point, she drew her gown up to her stomach and shifted her pant as she slowly descended on his c–k.

    Pastor Amadi: I love that baby. Ride me faster honey. ride me baby, oh yea!!!!!!

    She kept bouncing on his d–k while he was busy moaning. She turned round as she faced him with her ass. Pastor Amadi did her a favour by taking her butt cheeks with his hands as he pressed the bouncing ass.

    25 minutes later.

    Pastor Amadi was exhausted and was sleeping on his bed. The girl stood up, adjusted her gown and took the car keys. She got out of the hotel room to where the cars were parked. There, she opened the doors and saw the money inside the ‘Ghana must go’ bags.

    Girl: *with a wicked smile* I have given you the sex you need, its now my turn for you to pay me back with what I need. Hahahahahahaha…………..

    Jeohovah take control


    Hmmmmm 🤔 🤔 😏 😏


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