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    Pastor Val: the lord is good.

    Mum: all the time.

    Pastor Val: we thank Him for making today’s prayer a success. Just like today, Tomorrow will be even better.

    Mum: Amen o!!

    Pastor Val: I should better get going so that my driver can drop you off. He will also be the one to bring you over to my house tomorrow morning.

    Mum: ok, thank you very much pastor. I really appreciate all you are doing for me despite your current condition.

    Pastor Val: that is not a problem at all. See you tomorrow and good night.

    He said as he stepped down from the car with his two clutches in his hands.

    Mum:. Good night Pastor. See you tomorrow.

    Pastor Val: good night!!

    He said as he leaped to his house. He got close to the door and tried to open it but he found out that the door is locked so he called the gateman and ask.

    Pastor Val: has my wife been out since?

    Gateman: yes oga, since she commot and never return with princess.

    Pastor Val: ok, just get me the spare key let me enter inside.

    The gateman did as was ordered of him.

    Pastor Val entered inside and returned the spare key back to the gateman who went to his little house and kept it there.

    Pastor Val: strange, my wife don’t use to say out for so long. Why haven’t she been back? Where is she now because its definitely not anti-natal. Maybe she took princess to visit one of her uncle but why did she not tell me?

    He wondered as he looked for his phone through his pockets and brought it out.

    Pastor Val: oh the phone is even switched off. Maybe she has been trying to reach me but it wasn’t going through.

    He said as he started dialling his wife’s number. It rang but no one picked the call. He called for about five times but yet, it was not answered.

    Pastor Val: something must be wrong somewhere. Why isn’t she picking my calls?

    He said as he tried it one more time and this time, it was picked. A male voice went through the phone.
    ????: Hello.

    Pastor Val: Hello, this is my wife’s number so who are you.

    ????: sorry sir, I am doctor Mike sir!

    Pastor Val: so doctor Mike, where is my wife I want to talk her.

    Doctor Mike: sir I am afraid you can’t right now.

    Pastor Val: and why is that so?

    Doctor Mike: because she is in coma. We have tried reaching you since but your line was switched off.

    Pastor Val: Jesus!!!!!! You mean that my wife is in a coma?

    Doctor Mike: not only your wife but kid included as well.

    Pastor Val: please don’t tell me something bad happened to princess. Please!!

    Doctor Mike: well her case is most critical of all as she was involved in a ghastly motor accident. She is in coma but we are trying our best to revive her.

    Pastor Val threw the phone hard against the wall and it fell down as it scattered all over the floor. How can mother and child be admitted in the hospital the same day. Why didn’t God show him any sign of danger or warning that something terrible is going to happen.

    He fell down to the floor as he started to cry thinking how bad things have gone for him………..

    Now is not the time to cry but pray



    God is still in control


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