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    Judith came to the sitting room fully dressed.

    Judith: honey, I want to go for my anti-natal.

    Pastor Val: ok, there is money in the drawal. Take it, I hope it will be enough.

    Judith: let me check.

    She went inside their room and came back minutes later.

    Judith: yes honey, it will be enough. Thanks.

    Pastor Val: we thank God, see you later in the day.

    30 Minutes later

    My mother walked inside the Pastor’s house. She entered inside and as usuall, Pastor Val was prepared for today’s mission.

    Mum: good morning sir.

    Pastor Val: good morning Mummy Idris, how was your night?

    Mum: fine and yours?

    Pastor Val: very nice.

    Mum: this one that the whole house is quite, where is your wife?

    Pastor Val: she went for her anti-natal and Princess have gone to school.

    Mum: oh.

    Pastor Val: lets go so that we can start today’s prayer so early.

    Mum: yes sir, that will be nice.

    They both walked to the car that took them to the hospital where I was admitted.


    The vice principal *a short and robust man* dashed into the office of the principal *a thin, tall and fair woman* looking so worried.

    Principal: what is the matter? Don’t tell me that those primary six children are insulting their teacher again?

    VP: worst than that.

    He said taking a seat close to the woman.

    Principal: then what is it?

    VP: one of our pupil was involved in a motor accident on her way to school.

    Principal: Jesus!!!!!!!!

    VP: as I am speaking to you, she has been rushed to the hospital. She was confirmed to be our student because of the blood soaked uniform they found on her.

    Principal: Jesus Christ!!

    She said again snapping her fingers.

    Principal: you said she, who is the person involved in this accident?

    VP: it is princess ma’am.

    Principal: blood of Christ!! Is her parents informed about this treachery?

    VP: no, I am not sure.

    Principal: ok, I will do just that. Go to your office for now and make sure that nobody find out about this.

    VP: yes Ma’am.
    Judith was sitted in a plastic chair waiting for her to be called and examined by the doctor. There were five other women before her and about three women after her.

    In other to while away time, She brought out her bible and started reading it. Just then her phone rang. She looked at it and it was princess school principal that was calling her.

    Judith: hello good morning ma.

    Principal: good morning. Please is your husband there with you? I have been trying to reach him but his line is switched off.

    Judith: am in the hospital and he is not here with me. Is there any problem?

    Principal: yes and it is about Princess.

    Judith: my daughter!! What about her.

    Principal: she was involved in a ghastly motor accident on her way to school. As i am speaking to you, she is being admitted in…..

    The phone fell down from her hand as she gave a loud scream and fell down to the ground uncouincess.

    Nurse: Doctor! Doctor!!!!!!

    They shouted as they rushed her to the emergency ward………….

    This episode short oooooo
    This is warfare


    Nna ehh!

    Baba take control


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