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    Mama Ik appeared in front of the Queen mother but it was too late for her as she have sustained heavy injuries, she drew her last breath and pass away.

    Queen: no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She shouted but it was too late as she couldn’t bring her back.


    Mama D appeared in front of the hospital with a knife in her hand also. Her main mission was to kill Pastor Val and she must make sure she accomplish her mission.

    As she got closer to the door, a white cloud appeared and angels from above came down and surrounded the hospital.

    She tried all her best but the angels didn’t allow her to pass through them.

    When she tried to attack them, the angels sent fire and thunder against her and she quickly disappeared to their coven for protection.
    Mama D appeared looking exhausted and weak.

    Mama D: I can’t do it anymore.

    Queen: what!!

    Mama D: I have tried all my best but the angels that are guiding him are too strong, I didn’t even have access to get close to him.

    Queen: don’t give up, we shall continue fighting.

    Mama D: what is it about this Idris self. Why can’t we just let him be. Can’t you see that this same guy caused the death of mama G, Mama T, Mrs Bukky and presently Mama Ik.

    Queen: just shut up will you?

    Mama D: I can’t. We have loosed enough. I am stepping out of this sisterhood. I can’t be a member anymore. I am afraid to die.

    She said and disappeared to her room.

    Queen: hahaha. In this sisterhood, no one steps out of it alive. Stepping out of the snake ladies means stepping into death itself.

    She said and disappeared.

    She appeared in Mama D’s room and in the twinkle of an eye, she killed Mama D with a knife driven straight into her heart.

    Mama D lifeless body fell down and the Queen mother disappeared to their coven.

    The goddess appeared In the coven where the Queen mother was waiting for her.

    goddess: I knew this was coming. I saw it coming and I tried to inform you guys about it but you were to blinded by hatred to see it. We have now officially lost all our members.

    Queen: goddess, they are too weak and lame. I will have new and powerful members initiated very soon.

    goddess: and you will allow Pastor Val and his God to triumph over us?

    Queen: no that won’t happen because I am the one in charge now. I shall hunt pastor Val day and night and in a matter of time, he will be dead.

    goddess: isn’t that what they all said? Just take a look at them, they are all dead.

    Queen: they didn’t use the right approach. believe me, I will hunt pastor Val down. Am I not the great Queen mother anymore?

    goddess: hmm, very good and promising. I love that. I shall be expecting good results very soon.

    She said and disappeared.

    Queen: watch out for me Pastor Val, watch out!!

    Next o
    Long overdue…..


    The next episode will be dropping tonight, don’t miss it




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