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    Judith and the doctor both walked into his office. He went and sat behind his table.

    Doctor: please do take a seat.

    Judith: *sitting down* thank you sir.

    Doctor: you said you are the husband of the patient?

    Judith: yes sir.

    Doctor: well, the patient is very lucky. He sustained no fatal injury and in no time, he will be walking again.

    Judith: *breathed down* thank you o lord. Thank you very much sir.

    Doctor: we give God all the glory.

    Judith: can I see him now?

    Doctor: no, he is taking his rest. You can come back later in the evening to see him.

    Judith: ok, thank you once again sir.

    She said and left the office. She came to where my mum was praying with a smile on her face.

    Mum: *looking worried* so how is he?

    Judith: *smiled* the doctor said that he is fine and sustained no fatal injury.

    Mum: *breathed down* thank God, haa. The lord is good.

    Judith: all the time.

    Mum: so can we see him now.

    Judith: no, the doctor said that he is resting and I should come back in the evening.

    Mum: very good, I suppose we should be going home now?

    Judith: yes, let me drop you off first.

    Mum: ok, thank you.

    Judith: I should be the one thanking you for your support and advice.

    Mum: its God we thank o.
    Judith walked inside her house and saw Princess sitting down on a couch watching her favourite.

    Immediately Princess saw her mum, she ran and hugged her tightly.

    Princess: mum where have you been, I came home since and nobody was here.

    Judith: I am very sorry dear. I went to the hospital because of your dad.

    Princess: dad? What is wrong with daddy? She said almost crying

    Judith: nothing is wrong with daddy. It was just a minor accident.

    Princess: are you sure?

    Judith: yes, I am very sure. Have you eaten?

    Princess: no.

    Judith: let me go and prepare something for you to eat. Check in the fridge, there is meatpie and hollandia there. Take that for now as I prepare your lunch.

    Princess: ok mum.


    Mama Ik appeared inside my mother’s room with a knife in her hand. She walked close to my mother and as she raised her hand to strike her, my mother jumped up from her sleep.

    Mum: Jesus!!!!!!!

    She shouted as she shifted close to the wall.

    Mama Ik: prepare to die.

    Mum: you lie.

    She quickly reached under her pillow where she kept her bible and anointing oil. After the encounter with the mysterious big snake, she suspected that something dangerous may show up later in the night and she was right.

    She poured the anointing oil on mama Ik and began to fire prayer on her.

    Immediately the oil touched Mama Ik, she fell down to the ground and changed into a snake.

    My mother continued praying pouring the oil at intervals. Mama Ik was burning all over, she couldn’t take it anymore. The Lord Jesus Christ is greater than them.

    She disappeared from the room as she was about to die. If she made it in time to their coven, the Queen mother may help her.

    Mum: *rounding up her prayer immediately the snake disappeared* Thank you lord. Thank you Jesus Christ, I bless your holy name. Thank you lord.
    Mama Ik appeared in front of the Queen mother but it was too late for her as she have sustained heavy injuries. She drew her last breath and passed away…………

    God is great

    Next pls..


Re: “Snake Ladies” Season 3 – Enchanting Story! (Episode 16 (18+) by Orakle of words: 7:51 pm On November 13, 2020

    God is good
    Next oooooo


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