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    Mum: Jesus!!

    She screamed and ran inside her house. The snake quickly followed her trying to bite her.

    She quickly entered inside her room where she picked her bible.

    Mum: you that evil snake, at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, die and go back to where you came from..

    She shouted and started praying. The snake quickly entered a little corner in the house and disappeared from their.

    Mum: no, these is not right. Something must be wrong somewhere. I better go over to Pastor Val’s house let me see what is going on.

    She said, took her bible and tied her head tie properly before leaving.


    When my mum got to Pastor Val’s house, she saw the Pastor’s wife Judith crying with other women consoling her.

    Mum: what is going on here? Why are these people crying? Surely there must be a good explanation for all these.

    My mother said and when she got close to the wailing crowd, she asked.

    Mum: good morning to everyone. Please what’s the problem that is making the children of God to shed tears?

    Judith: *admist wails* is my husband oo.

    Mum: Pastor Val? What’s the problem with our pastor?

    Judith: his car got collided to another fast moving car on his way to your house.

    Mum: Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Judith: oh God why, why did you allow this to befall my husband. Why.

    Mum: *crying* no, this is the hand work of the devil. Pastor Val must survive likewise my son. Do you know the hospital he is being admitted?

    Judith: yes, the same hospital that your son Idris is.

    Mum: *cleaning her tears and moved over to where Judith was sitting* please dear, don’t let this issue bring you down. I know he is your husband and the both of you are expecting a child and so, the devil is trying to pull your family down but he won’t succeed. Stand up lets go over to the hospital.

    My Mum, an old wise woman said to Judith. Judith stood up, locked her door and took her car key. They both entered inside the car as the car zoomed off to the hospital.
    They arrived at the hospital but the nurses that were on duty did not allow them to see Pastor Val.

    Nurse: the doctor is inside with him and you are advised to seat and wait for the doctor to finish his work on the patient.

    The slim nurse said and walked away with a tray of syringe and cotton wool.

    They both sat down on a bench. My mother looking worried and praying silently in her lips and Judith also praying but with tears flowing from her eyes.

    Soon the doctor came out and they ran to him.

    Judith: how is he? doctor I hope he is fine.

    Doctor: please who is his wife between you two.

    Judith: I am his wife sir.

    Doctor: *looked down for a while before looking at her* Please meet me in my office, we have alot to discuss.

    He said and left as Judith followed him from behind with her heart beating very fast. My mother quickly knelt down and started a very powerful prayer for the lord to intervene and save Pastor Val from the cold hands of death……..

Re: “Snake Ladies” Season 3 – Enchanting Story! (Episode 15 (18+) by Orakle of words: 8:55 pm On November 11, 2020

    This is intriguing


    Well,The Lord is in control


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