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    The staffs and management were all having a meeting. At the end, a date was fixed when they will visit me at the hospital.
    Tobi: oboi, I no know wetin dey happen for this our working place again o.

    It was tobi speaking to Abidemi who was sitted close to him in the cafeteria.

    Abidemi: na true o. Shey work dey slow since our oga Mrs Bukky die.

    Tobi: na true o. Me self no just understand wetin dey happen for here. E just be like say spirit dey roam for here.

    Abidemi: dem don sack many workers and this company fit fall self.

    Tobi: God forbid o. Make we just dey see na. My own be say make God protect us and take absolute control over everything wey dey happen for here.

    Abidemi: Amen to that.
    Princess: Daddy good morning.

    She greeted Pastor Val as he came out of his room. Princess was sitting down on the dining table having her breakfast with her mum who sat close to her though she (princess) didn’t allow her mum to feed her. She prefers doing things herself.

    Pastor Val: good morning my little princess.

    Judith: good morning honey.

    She came forward and kissed him.

    Princess: yuck!!

    Pastor Val and Judith both laughed at the display of princess.

    Judith: be saying yuck from now till tomorrow. just know that someday, you are going to get wedded too.

    Princess: I will get wedded to a prince, a charming prince and we are going to live in a high castle like Rapunzel.

    Pastor Val: hahaha. Okay we have heard you. Just eat your food and don’t be late for school.

    He said and left her, he knew for sure that the discussion will not stop. That is his princess, a little girl who is very wise.

    3 Hours later.

    Pastor Val was dressed in his white suit ready to start today’s prayer but first, he was going to pick my mum from her house before heading to the hospital.

    Pastor Val: where is my little princess?

    Judith: she has gone to school. I can see that you are going out for today’s prayer section. Goodluck.

    Pastor Val: thanks

    He said and walked out. He got to where his jeep was parked and entered inside, ignited the engines and drove off.
    Half way to my mum’s house, Pastor Val was stopped by a girl who wore a short gown.

    Pastor Val: why do you stop me.

    Girl: sir, my brother is dieing and I need your help. He his admitted in a hospital along the street. Please can you take me their?

    Pastor Val: no problem, hop in..

    Immediately she entered inside the car, pastor Val felt a dark spirit lurking around but he couldn’t chase her away since he was the one that told her to come inside. worst of all was that immediately she sat down, her gown raised up in such a way that all her laps were exposed in tempting way……….

    I pray he din fall
    Next pls..


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    Chai..! so painful may her soul rest in peace ...

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