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    I stood up from the bed and walked out of my apartment. The shout was from our neighbour’s room, Abdul’s room.

    The place was still dark, the first thing i saw was my car and i was shocked, mama T must explain how i got to my apartment, climbed my bed and was sleeping without my knowledge. All i could remember was f—–g her in my office.

    Maybe she drove me home before driving herself to her own house. But how is that possible, did she divide herself into two or what, i must find out.

    Everywhere was dark but thank God for nepa. Most people have started to gather round the room, especially women.

    The men were about four including me that is five. We easily made our way inside the compound and found shola, abdul’s girlfriend crying.

    Me: ma whats the problem?

    Shola: *crying intensified*

    Man 1: ma whats the problem?

    Shola: abdul, abdul oo.

    Man 2: what happened to Abdul?

    Shola: we were sleeping together when he started tossing right and left on the bed. At first, i thought it was normal but he started saying something that sound as if he was speaking in tongues. I stood up and before i could touch him, he shouted as if he was stabbed and, and , and…

    She said but couldn’t finish it as she started crying so hard again.

    We the men ran inside the room and looked at abdul, he was laying on the bed, we touched his skin and it was very cold.

    Man 3: we need to take him to the hospital ASAP.

    Man 4: we need a car to do that.

    Me: no problem, we can use my car.

    We all gathered and took him to my car. Soon enough, the police came inside. May be the women outside contacted them.

    They however delayed us with their question which we answered hurriedly and they let us go..

    As we were about to enter the car, i saw some group of people like journalists coming. They entered inside and started asking their normal annoying questions.

    We arrived at the hospital and the nurses took him (Abdul) into the emergency unit.

    Luckily for us, there was a doctor present and they started doing what they know how to do best on him.

    Time Check 7:01 Am

    The doctor came out looking exhausted, the look in his face said it all.

    Doctor: i am sorry but we did our best, we lost him!!

    Me: heeyyyy!!

    I shouted as hot tears ran down my cheeks. I can’t believe that my friend and close neighbour, who was looking vibrant and healthy is dead.

    We went home and broke the news to everyone, we started crying and rolling on the floor.

    I called Mama T to tell her i won’t be around today but her line was switched off.

    I called the Assistant manager and took permission from him after telling him the bad news. He agreed and send his condolences.

    Then i called Anita and broke the news to her, she was already crying when i called her and i was surprised at how fast bad news do spread now.

    She couldn’t talk but she said i should put on my tv and watch the 7:00 news.

    I entered my house and did as was told.


    News Presenter: Death rampage rocks the city of port Harcourt leaving everyone stunted. Young boys do die every night now but last night was different as six victims were confirmed dead, their names are John, Ade, Emmanuel, Umar, Abdul and Ayo..

    The last name Ayo sent shivers down my spine. It can’t be the Ayo i know. Not my friend Ayo.

    Only one way to confirm, i said picking my phone.

    To be continued.

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