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    Anita: honey i will be visiting my mum today oo..

    Me: and you did not inform me earlier abi?

    Anita: no na…

    Me: its true, you didn’t inform me and if you go without me giving you something my inlaws would say i am a bad person.

    Anita: oya sorry

    she said. I reached for my wardrobe and gave her #10,000 to buy whatever she wants for her mum.

    Time check 7:39Am

    Always punctual. I don’t play with my work. I entered inside the company and found out that most of the workers there have not arrived.

    Latecomers!! I reached my office and it was clean as usuall. Not long, tobi came in…..

    Tobi: Alhaji Idris

    Me: Alfa Tobi.

    Tobi: oboy, wetin dey sup na?

    Me: i no know the difference between woman and you, you too like ameabor abeg. Go clean your office.

    Tobi: wait first.. I dream one bad dream about you and i wan tell you first!

    Me: hahahahaha… See prophet Elijah ooo. As if something bad wan happen to me no be me, my fiance or my mother go dream am first, how come sinner like you want prophecy to me??

    Tobi: *looking serious* see, my dream dey always come true oo and last night i dream say you dey for desert dey shout help. Everywhere dey deserted, before i know,, snakes and scorpion begin to dey commot from ground dey bite you…

    Me: abeg na when last you take malaria medicine?

    Tobi: last three months!

    Me: you don recently take Agbo?

    Tobi: i no like agbo at all, the medicine too bitter.

    Me: *picked up my pen, tore a piece of paper and wrote something inside*

    Me: this one na the list of malaria tablets wey you go buy. You go take am for one week, no thank me. What are friends for?

    Tobi: *just shook his head and left*

    I was surprised, why would tobi just leave like that, i could detect the look of pity and sorrow in his eyes.

    Me: chaii, malaria strong oo
    Work went well for me.. Mama T came late as usuall smiling and winking at me..

    Tobi was cold all day and i was worried. What could be happening to him?

    Time Check 6:50pm

    I was rounding up my work when mama T came inside my office holding some files.

    Mama T: erm idris, please i need your help. Go through this files for me..

    Me: no problem

    I said collecting the files. I looked at her cloth and found out that the first three buttons of her blouse was unbuttoned giving me a nice view of her pink bra.

    The office was almost empty and there was nobody to see her dressed like that.

    I collected the files. d–n, they were very much. Why didn’t she give me this thing to do since morning na… The worse part of it is that the files would be needed tomorrow and a micro biologist like me needs to go through them.

    Time check 8:30pm.

    I stood up slowly. I just finished the work and now the office is empty. There was nobody inside. I walked to her office but stopped at the front door.

    D–n, i was hearing moaning sounds from the other side. Could it be that mama T was masturbating. Slowly, my SLEEPING BEAUTY started to wake.

    I felt two spiritual forces over me. One telling me to drop the files in my office and go home and the other telling me to open the door.

    I just ignored the first one and opened the door and yes, i was right. She was sitting on her table with just her pink bra and pant on.

    Her hands shifted the pants to one inside so that her finger was entering inside her p—y.

    All these was facing me, i was turned on like mad. She looked at me and i could swear that her eyes changed colour to black, completely black.

    I wanted to go out but couldn’t, my leg was stock to the ground and i found myself moving towards her against my will………

    Holyghost is there 4 u ,c’mon….
    next pls


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