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    Me: are you sure of what you are saying?

    Anita: yes. The news is all over town na. That young boys have been dying mysteriously.

    I suddenly lost my appetite as i couldn’t believe that segun my best friend was dead.

    I picked my phone and called his mother to see if things were actually true.

    Mama segun: hello, who is this?

    Chaiii, poor woman. From her voice, i knew she has been crying since.

    Eyaa, what a wicked world.

    Me: this is Idris ma. I am segun’s friend right from school. Ma, what i am hearing is it true?

    Mama Segun: *silent but was sobbing loudly*

    me: i am sorry ma. I just heard it now and i myself couldn’t believe it.

    Mama Segun: what is their not to believe. My enemies have taken him away from me ooo.

    She sobbed loudly and i could hear some back ground voices crying too.

    The phone fell from her hand and i guessed it scattered because the line went dead.

    Anita: eyaa, poor woman. How did you even have her contact?

    Me: from my gmail account. Segun once used my gmail account to back up his phone contacts. Back then, he hasn’t created a gmail account and felt that it was useless.

    Anita: do you know the worst thing.

    Me: no, what is the worst thing?

    Anita: he was examined by the doctor and he was confirmed okay before he died. No wounds, cuts or anything internal, they believed it was somehow natural.

    Me: don’t tell me that nonsense abeg. Segun died a mysterious dead. The segun i know is strong and hearty and wouldn’t just sleep and die like that.

    Anita: ok oo, eat your food before it get cold.

    Me: abeg i don’t have appetite. My friend is dead and you are telling me to eat?

    Anita: so you want to waste my food abi? No problem, come eat tomorrow make i see na!

    She said and took the food away angrily.

    Me: *in my mind* na wow for women and their wahala oo.. My friend don die you still dey pressure me to eat food. Abeg carry your wahala go sit down.

    Me: *Carried my phone and called Ayo* bro, am really sorry for my attitude?

    Ayo: *sounded angry* why you come dey beg?

    Me: forgive me na, i no know before.

    Ayo: see your life idiot. How you go expect me to play with such thing?

    Me: sorry once again!

    Ayo: no prob, i go call you tomorrow.

    Me: wait, i hope say you no dey vex.

    Ayo: no prob na. You be my guy.

    I ended the call and looked at the ceiling. “Hmmm, na so my friend take die” i was still looking up when NEPA brought light and the whole compound shook as the neighbourhood shouted “UP NEPA”


    I woke up, prepared for work and anita gave me breakfast. Lol, she can’t be angry for long. I headed straight to work with a happy mind not knowing that that day will be a day i won’t forget……

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂


    Interesting…… Next plssss


    It is fabulously making sense…c’mon
    next pls?


    Tickled . # $ ? – . . ^ . . . . . & < # . . \ & . . – . Proud – . . . . & . . : # ^ > ) . .


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