Work went well. Mama T was all over me and some people at work especially the gossips started saying i am using jars to gain favor from our superiors.

I walked to where my car was parked, picked it and drove off.


Anita came out and we hugged and kiss each other. I went inside and pulled my clothes before heading towards the shower.

“when money no dey, everbody run away, when money no dey……” was the music i was singing out loud as the shower was descending on me.

Don’t blame me but it was my favourite song.

I felt a hand touched me but didn’t see properly as my eyes were covered with soap.

The hand went down and was caressing my d–k.. I knew it was anita and i have missed her so much. Since i started this work i haven’t had enough time to grease her.

Not long afterwards, my SLEEPING BEAUTY stood up and i moaned as i felt the warmth of her mouth over my long erected d–k.

She was giving me a nice blow job while i was busy flying high in cloud nine. I washed my face properly and i took her up and kissed her passionately.

Now her turn, i made my way to her boobs and took them into my mouth.

S—–g, chewing and biting those erected beautiful and medium size dark t–s at the same time.

Anita: ahh, ummm honey, i have missed you alot. I have missed you alot baby.. I love you so much

she moaned as i did justice in her t–s.

After s—–g the t–s to my satisfaction, i slowly kissed and made my way into her kitty cat hole s—–g it rapidly..

D–n, she was dripping and i tried my best to lap all the juices flowing out but i couldn’t.

Anita: yes baby, oh idris i love you… Baby oh yes oh yes ohhh..

She moaned louder.

After eating her p—y, i stood up and kissed her. I turned her round, raised one leg up and inserted SLEEPING BEAUTY into her.

D–n, i have missed that sweet little hole alot. I kept swinging my waist to and fro as i f—-d her brutally from behind making her to scream and shout in ecstasy.

Anita: yes love, um ah um pls take it ea um easy please um my ah love please take it easy.

I couldn’t bare her moans anymore as i turned her around and raised her up… She in turn wrapped her legs around my waist and leaned a little bit on the bathroom wall for support.

The best in me has been awaken. I dug in and out of that wet p—y so hard that she climaxed severally.

After 20 minutes of hardcore sex, i cummed inside her and we both fell down and rested.

We got up, cleaned ourselves and went out.

Anita: honey i have something to tell you.

She said as she serve me my plate of rice.

Me: abeg anita, can’t it wait. Lemme eat first please i am tired.

Anita: no oo, it can’t wait.

Me: ok what is it..

Anita: remember that your old friend.

Me: ermmm segun?

Anita: yes, he is dead.

Me: *screamed* what?



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