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    Early morning next day…

    I woke up and my body was covered with stretch marks all over. I yawned and stood up.

    Me: Jesusss!!!

    Anita: *jumped up* what is it?

    I cleaned my eyes with my hands once again. But couldn’t see it..

    Me: i thought i saw a woman wearing red standing here.

    I pointed to a corner of our room. It looked so real for a minute and before i could process things normally, the person was gone. Well maybe my mind is playing tricks with me.

    Anita: hahaha, fear fear baby. So you mean you saw a woman wearing red standing here by this time, this early morning.

    Me: ermm.

    Anita: abegee, if a witch is standing here shouldn’t it kill or do something bad, was it guiding us?

    Me: erm…

    Anita: that’s why i said you shouldn’t watch this nigerian witches film before going to bed, it always affect you.

    Me: haa, who are you calling fear fear enh?

    I said picking up a pillow silently.

    Anita: you, you are…

    I hit her with the pillow and the pillow fight started. well as the man, i have to ensure that she emerged the winner.

    Anita: *bringing her head closer for a kiss* i love you baby.

    Me: i love you too but you have to brush before kissing me oo. I base and live on personal hygiene.

    Anita: *withdrew her head in surprise* what? Hygiene? You that can wear one boxer for two weeks.

    Me: hahahaha, abeg if i follow you i would be late for work.

    I said and she stood up going to the bathroom. immediately she entered, i turn round and saw it clearly, a woman in red cloth with snake head, the head is like that of a cobra but the rest body is like that of a normall human.

    Me: iyeeeeee!!!!!!


    I dashed into the bathroom, where Anita was brushing her teeth.

    Anita: what is the matter my love. Why are you running.

    Me: *peeped through the door but there was nothing their, i must get treated for malaria*

    Anita: honey, i am talking to you answer me..

    Me: i am running late for work.

    Anita: soo?

    Me: let me brush my teeth with you. I don’t wanna go late today i beg.

    Anita: no problem, your brush is over there.

    She pointed.

    I collected my brush, added a little toothpaste and started brushing my teeth. I looked in front of the mirror and saw the woman standing behind me looking at me with red, green and black eyes. I turned back quickly but she was gone. I looked into the mirror and there was nothing inside of it again.

    Anita: are you sure you are ok?

    Me: *whispering* she is following me around.

    Anita: who is following you around?

    Me: the woman with snake head.

    Anita: hahahahahahahaha……

    Pls next ooh


    Hmmm,This one serious oo
    Next plss




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