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    I cut the call and kept my briefcase inside my cupboard back.

    Me: honey i am off to work oo..

    Anita: what of your briefcase?

    Me: all the files i will be working on today are in my office so need to take my briefcase again.

    Anita: ok, have a nice day..

    She said and kissed me..


    Mrs Bukky appeared infront of mama T and laughed wickedly. The whole room was filled with wind, evil wind of course.

    Mama T: what is it you want from me again?

    Mrs Bukky: nothing.

    Mama T: so why are you here?

    Mrs Bukky: just to warn you…

    Mama T: what?

    Mrs Bukky: idris is on his way to your house. You are here by allowed to do everything with him but don’t sleep with him.

    Mama T: what?

    Mrs Bukky: you heard me right.

    Mama T: you know that can’t happen.

    Mrs Bukky: then sleep with him and that is the end of your miserable life.

    Mama T: is that a threat?

    Mrs Bukky: no its a promise and a fact. I will kill you if you dare do such with him. You know that i hate you now with passion for the two things you did to me.. First, you sold my soul to the demon and second, you are messing around with my love.

    Mama T: *silent. It was obvious she was scared because Mrs Bukky was d–n serious*

    Mrs Bukky: your life is in your hand. Better make the right move.

    Mama T: *silent*

    Mrs Bukky laughed and disappeared. Just then i entered inside the house.

    Me: goodmorning my love.

    Mama T: good morning dear.

    She said with a low tone.

    Me: what is the matter, why are you sad?

    Mama T: nothing.

    Me: are you sure?

    Mama T: yes.

    We later played and spent quality time together. We ate together, played in the garden together, played playstation games together and did so many things but we didn’t f–k and i was surprised.

    Me: its 6 pm, i have to be going now.

    I said to her. She tried her best to delay me but couldn’t because i don’t want Anita to start asking me questions.

    I left and she gave me a huge some of money.


    Mama t was alone in her house thinking.

    Mama T: so you can be this selfish enh bukky. You want to keep Idris to yourself. Don’t worry, none of us will have him because tonight he dies……..

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