Mrs bukky: “haaa” *she gasped as she woke up on her bed*

She looked around and saw that she was still on her bed and her body was untouched and unharmed just as the queen mother said.

She looked around and saw that her spiritual eyes were now open and she could see some things from the spirit realm.

3 Weeks Ago.

Mama T drove her BMW into the parking lot of nesco brewing company, she stood up and walked majestically into the office of Mrs bukky.

Mama T: meet me in my office asap. She said to the secretary.

She entered Mrs bukky’s office and smiled as she settled down and started arranging the office to her taste.

Secretary: ma.. She said as she entered the office looking so confused.

Mama T: summon all the staffs to my office for a brief meeting.

Secretary: yes ma …. she knelt down a little as a sign of respect and walked away.


I was surprised when i heard we were called into our manager’s office.

Me: Tobi, this one wey dey summon all of us so, are we safe?

Tobi: na me you dey ask? Na the same thing i won ask you oo.. After all, this your loving mama dey so nice to you…

Me: why all of una no gree let me rest na… Everytime na me and my boss una dey always talk about.

Tobi: because you too no gree let her rest now?

Me: wetin you mean?

Tobi: you won tell me say you no dey f–k her silly?

Me: you dey mad. Abeg make i go hear better thing.. Idiotic fellow.

We entered into Mrs bukky’s office and to my or our greatest surprise, mama T was sitting in her chair rolling round and round all smiles.

All: good afternoon ma

mama T: good afternoon guys. I know you guys must be thinking why i call you here. Well your boss has traveled to…. Lets just say you won’t understand but she is staying there for three weeks. She left me in charge of everything. From now onwards, you shall report to me and everything will continue moving exactly the way it was before she left. I hope you all understand.

All: yes ma..

Mama T: ok, you can now go..

Mama T: Idris wait behind.

They all left leaving me with my old friend mama T

mama T: idris the idris.

Me: yes ma

mama T: please stop calling me ma..

Me: ok, mama T

mama T: very good. I guess you guys have had your lunch.

Me: yes mama T

mama T: i know i arrived late but i am very hungry. Can you take me to any eatery.

Me: no problem.

She stood up, closed some file and we walked out of the office. As we were stepping out, she held my hand and i was very surprised.

Me: *winked and mouthed the words* help me finish those work abeg!

Tobi: *hissed and mouthed the word* holy ghost fire fire you and your d–k wey sabi pursue all our female boss.

I just smiled as we left.

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