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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting Story, titled: “Snake Ladies” written by Mustapha Idris Musty and here is Season 1 with a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story..

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    Queen: Noo!!!!!!!!

    The earthquake caused alot of damage in their temple. Some of their idols were broken and everyone became weak. All of a sudden, the queen mother vanished into thin air.

    Mama d mama: what, mama G see what you have caused!

    Mama G: don’t blame me you s–t, how am i suppose to know he was protected.

    Mama T: enough, the question is, where is the queen mother?

    Mama ik: i think the goddess is the one that called her.

    Mama d mama: thats so strange, the queen mother never disappears when ever we are having a meeting.

    Mama T: that means…..

    Mama G: am in a big trouble, oh oh Go…

    She was about to mention the word ‘God’ when she quickly stopped herself because she have already caused alot of trouble.

    Mama G was lost in thought when the queen mother suddenly appear.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle!

    All: we rule this world!

    Queen: i just had a brief meeting with the goddess and our meat for tonight is being protected by the MAN ABOVE. However, since his name has been called here in the coven, he must be our meat so mama G, you have 24 hours to bring his soul into our coven.

    Mama G: long live the queen mother. Queen mother, i will like to ask a question!

    Queen: go ahead.

    Mama G: can’t we just eat him up tomorrow night?

    Queen: hahaha, the goddess revealed to me that his girlfriend is embarking on three weeks fasting and prayer for protection over her boyfriend. She further revealed to me that the prayer session started three days ago. so you see, Samuel is still untouchable for two weeks and four days. Its up to you to unshield him from his girlfriend and we strike him fast.

    Mama G: yes queen mother but don’t you think that the time i am given for this assignment is small?

    Queen: shut up!!! If you fail this test, then you shall visit the goddess brother lucifer who stays in hell and remain with him till eternity.

    Mama G: *frightened* yes queen mother.. She managed to say.

    Queen: good, the earlier you start your work, the better. For now, we lay low. Great ladies of the jungle!

    All: we rule this world!!

    NEXT DAY… (Samuel’s Apartment..)

    Joy: Samuel, come lets go to church and pray. Remember the evil revelation i once had for you…

    Samuel: *looked at his time* haba, its 2 o clock na. I thought we went to church early in the morning?

    Joy: common na. Ok, just try and escort me. Remember i am doing all these for you. You should be fasting but you are not and i am the one doing the fasting for you.

    Samuel: *smiling* my holy Mary. Just go and i will join you.

    Joy: are you sure that you will join me if i leave this house?

    Samuel: yes ma, i cross my heart.

    She smiled took her bible and left. Not long after she had gone, Samuel heard a knock on his door. On opening the door, he screamed!!

    To be continued.

    Guess who he saw?



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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