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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this enchanting Story, titled: “Snake Ladies” written by Mustapha Idris Musty and here is Season 1 with a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story..

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    Anita quickly stood up and used a tissue to clean herself. They both had sex till 1am before heading to the bathroom to bath and clean up.


    The snake ladies were having their night meeting. They were made of four women who are old and a woman who was considered their queen.

    They don’t have legs in the spiritual realm because from their waist to their legs is the same as that of a snake. Only from their head to waist was in human form.

    They have different colours to differentiate their rank. For instance, mama T was a black snake in the spiritual realm while mama d was a green snake.

    Mama g was a python and mama ik was red snake. Their queen was a complete snake because she don’t usually come into the human world.

    She stays in the coven incase her subordinates need help.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle!

    All: we rule the world!

    Queen: mama G, bring in our new member!

    Mama G: yes ma

    She said and brought fort an old woman who wanted to join the sisterhood.

    Queen: woman!! In this sisterhood, we offer you riches beyond your imaginations. All you need to is to bring blood into our altar for more money. However, we do not sacrifice anybody we see on the road in other for us not to pick the bad ones. After your initiation, you will sleep with numerous boys in the name of sugar mummy. From those boys you slept with, you will choose the one to bring for the goddess to feed on. Now are you in or out!!

    Woman: i am in ma!

    Queen: stop that! You will call me your queen not ma. Now open your mouth wide.

    The woman did so and an evil wind was blown inside her mouth and she fell down.

    Queen: hahahahahahaha.

    All: hahahahahahaha

    Queen: now mama ik. Bring fort your sacrificial lamb. Choose among your numerous boys.

    Mama ik walked to the mirror and called.

    Mama ik: chinedu! Chinedu! Chinedu! I call fort your spirit. Come here, come here now.

    Chinedu spirit immediately appeared in the coven.

    All: hahahaha.

    Mama ik: lie down here.

    She pointed at the alter. He did as was told and soon enough, mama ik climbed him and started f—–g him via cowgirl position. When she was done. His spirit vanished and that was the end of chinedu.

    They all laughed as money started appearing in the coven and to crown it all, they drank his blood to celebrate their success!!

    To be continued.

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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