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    Mrs bukky woke up feeling very weak and light headed. She stood up from her bed and saw the greatest shock of her life.

    Her body was still lying on the bed why her soul was detached from her body.

    She ran to junior’s room and saw him sleeping.

    Mrs Bukky: “junior” *she shouted but he didn’t answer* junior wake up…

    She said as she tried to touch him, her hand passed through him. That was when she realised that what she normally watches on TV about ghosts is true.

    She went back to her bed and started crying.

    Mrs bukky: *sobbing* so this is how my life is going to end. Chaiii, will i even make heaven? Surely i will not make heaven. Not after the hideous things i and idris have done. Oh God, pls help me..

    She said sobbing and looking at her body. Just then, the earth started to shake. A big snake emerged from the hole that was caused by the earthquake.

    Out of fear, she jumped and ran to her kitchen but the snake was there. She ran to her parlor and the snake was still there. She ran back to her room and yet, the snake was there.

    Mrs Bukky: *moving backwards* pls you are scaring me please. She said as she kept moving backwards.

    Not looking where she was going, she entered inside the large hole and it closed up… The snake vanished immediately the hole disappeared.

    She was sliding down to an unknown destination very fast. Just then she stop moving and disappeared only to appear in a little room surrounded by about six women.

    She was scared to her bones. The room was lighted by candles. She could not see those women properly but could see that they were half snakes, half human beings.

    There was a complete snake sitting on a throne with eyes blazing like fire.

    Queen: haa, who do we have here.

    The queen mother said looking at her.

    Queen: hmmm, mama T, nice work. You have done well.

    On the mention of mama T, she looked closely and saw mama T among the witches. It was then she knew that she has been initiated with the pepper soup she ate earlier.

    No wonder mama T kept disturbing her to join a committee of friends, it was then she knew the whole truth.

    Mrs Bukky: *kneeling down* please let me go please, i will give you guys whatever you want.

    Queen: hahahaha

    All: hahaha

    Mrs bukky: *Looking up* Jesus!!! Help me..

    Queen: shut up *thunder began to spark from her eyes and mouth* the name is powerless in your mouth because you have defiled yourself with your employee. You better cooperate with us or else you DIE.

    Mrs bukky couldn’t talk or do anything. Yes, the queen was right, she was unholy and if she didn’t cooperate, then she will surely die.

    The queen mother took time and explained all their activities to her while she just listened like a helpless kid.

    Queen: now, that you have known how we operate, it is time to initiate you fully. Mama G, bring us meat to eat.

    Mama G: yes queen mother!

    She said and crawled towards the mirror.

    Mama G: segun!! Segun!! Segun!!!

    She called out in front of the mirror and segun appeared.

    To be continued.




    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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