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    Me: Hmmmm, chaiii…

    I said stretching out my body and yawning in tiredness. I just finished typing the report given to me by Tobi.

    Tobi: this one wey u dey open your mouth like whale wetin happen na…

    Me: you dey craze, you know see work wey i finish do. I don tire well well, infact i go soon go house.

    Tobi: by this time, taarh na lie.

    Me: how much how much?

    Tobi: *removing 5 thousand from his pocket* i don set.

    I removed by five thousand and we gave Abidemi to hold it for us.


    Mrs Bukky: *shouting* come inside

    I entered inside her office looking like someone that is going to die.

    Mrs Bukky: ahh idris my love.

    She said eating chicken and fish pepper soup. Thats odd, i did not see anybody bringing it for her and she came to the office with no food.

    Mrs Bukky: ah ah, why the long face na, are you through with the work?

    Me: *nodded*

    Mrs Bukky: ok are you tired?

    Me: *nodding sideways*

    Mrs bukky: then whats wrong with you…

    Me: Fever, malaria to be precise.

    Mrs Bukky: *laughing so hard* abegee, you? You that was smiling and joking since morning. Tell me the truth i beg.

    Me: no bukky, the malaria started three days ago and i have been taking drugs since but i forgot to finish the medication and it is now back!

    I tried to explain.

    Mrs Bukky: three days ago right?

    Me: yes ma!

    Mrs bukky: three days ago that you were f—–g me so hard that i have to beg you to stop!

    Me: *silent*

    Mrs bukky: after that day, the next day we had marathon sex and you were still feeling okay!

    Me: *silent*

    Mrs Bukky: idris, i know you are lying to me.. Just tell me what you need and i will help you out.

    Me: okay, i told tobi that i was tired and would be going home now and he said its a lie. One thing led to another and we staked five thousand naira each.

    Mrs Bukky: * laughing* is that why you developed malaria?

    Me: *laughed and kept quiet*

    Mrs Bukky: ok, you can go home now, i will add three more days to your sick leave. All you need to do is to fake a doctor report and bring it back here on the third day as an evidence that you were sick.

    Me: ha thank you very much..

    I stood up to leave.

    Mrs Bukky: wait na, come and eat this sweet pepper soup with me..

    Me: not now, i have money to collect..

    I said and dashed out of the office. On a normal day, i would have eaten with her but d–n, five thousand naira no be child’s play ooo.

    After typing the letter of my leave from our cybercafe department, i went to Mrs bukky’s office and she signed it for me..

    I brought it back and showed tobi. He didn’t believe but he couldn’t argue too as her signature was there, i took my money happily while tobi went to his office angrily cursing under his breath.

    Abidemi: na wow for this your loving mama oo, see as you don chop this guy money na… Anything for me..

    I smiled and gave him two thousand and took my three thousand to my house.


    The SNAKE LADIES were having their meeting as usuall in their coven. Their Queen mother was busy scolding them at their slow rate of work telling them that the goddess was angry with them when something marvelous happened.

    Someone appeared right in front of them.

    Guess who it was???

    The room is open for discussion. Oya make una start to talk.. Lol

    To be continued after some comments.

    Hmmmmmmmm 😏😏😏 🤔🤔 Madam bukki don finally dey initiated, wow

    Next pls

    Mrs Bulky 😂😂😂

    She don chop forbidden fruit




    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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