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    Mama T drove her BMW to nesco brewing company. She horned at the gate and the gateman came outside to inspect who is in the car.

    Gateman: ayiii, madam na u pha. Gudu aftunun madam..

    Mama T smiled, removed some naira notes from her bag and gave it to him.

    Gateman: *happy and smiling* na gode so sa madam. Ayii sei madam pha..

    He opened the gate and kept shouting “sei madam”

    Mama T walk to the secretary and told her she wanted to see her boss (Mrs bukky)

    secretary: ma, someone is here looking for you..

    Caller: **********

    secretary: *dropping the phone* ma she is busy, you can come back later.

    Mama T: tell her is mama T that is looking for her

    secretary: *picking the phone and punching some keys* ma, the person looking for you introduced herself as mama T.

    Caller: *************

    secretary: ok ma.. *dropped the phone* you can go and meet her now, her office is….

    Mama T: no need, i know my way around here very well.

    She said, picked up her cooler and walked to the office. On her way to the office, she stopped all of a sudden and looked into one of the well equipped and furnished office.

    It was my office and i was busy trying to type a report that Tobi gave me earlier. With a smile on her lips, she walked away.

    Mama T: *entering into her office* workaholic bukky.

    Mrs bukky: *smiled on seeing her friend* playaholick mama T

    they both laughed and hugged each other.

    Mama T: *dropping the cooler on the table* so how is work.

    Mrs bukky: hmm, work is fine oo.. We thank God.

    Mama T: no problem, why didn’t you come to our party when you were invited by me?

    Mrs Bukky: ahh am so sorry, the one that took place along G estate right?

    Mama T: yes!

    Mrs bukky: i was preoccupied with work.

    Mama T: hahaha, which work? Sitting down on the table and signing some documents your PA could sign?

    Mrs Bukky: no, my husband is coming back from the states to spend some quality time with me.

    Mama T: *rolling her eyes* ok oo, i know you must be hungry so i prepared what you like eating back in those university days..

    Mrs bukky reached out for the cooler and opened it.. Wow, it was pepper soup with enough chicken and fish.

    Mrs Bukky: hmmm, the aroma is killing me already, i will eat it as soon as am through with my work.

    Mama T: *standing up* ok, i would be leaving.. By the way, who is that young man situated at the left side of your office.

    Mrs Bukky: you mean Idris, he is our Micro biologist.

    Mama T: hmmm, i would like to talk to him a little.

    Mrs Bukky: for what na, see idris is a no go area abeg. Don’t even consider adding him into your numerous sugar boys at all..

    Mama T: this one you are taking things far, hope nothing is going on amongst you two.

    Mrs Bukky: *getting angry* see lets change the topic ok..

    Mama T quickly stopped to avoid bukky getting angry and throwing the food away. She walk to her BMW and drove out.

    To be continued after some comments.

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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