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    Me: ah ahn, what could be the matter na. Hope this woman is not going to give me work this night. I am very tired and i need to rest ooo.

    I was complaining inside my heart when i got to her room. The door was open and i didn’t bother to knock because it was barely 5 minutes before i received her message.

    I opened the door, closed it and turned round. HOLY MUSA, my boss was lying on the bed with only her bra and pant on. I moved closer to her and yes, i was right all along. Miss bukky was d–n beautiful and very sexy. She is gorgeous and cute with big ass and breast though i didn’t see them clearly because she was lying on her stomach.

    Chaiii, SLEEPING BEAUTY no won sleep again oo, he don dey wake.

    Mrs bukky: idris dear, my back is paining me, can you give me a light massage.

    Me: sure bukky.

    I started using my magic fingers on her smooth back. I gave her a nice hand job that she started moaning slowly and quietly. I work my way downwards towards her pant and started massaging her big round ass. She was still moaning.

    I pressed the ass as if i was pressing my ps4 pad. She turned round and i unhooked her bra. Chaiii the two watermelons fresh oo. I didn’t waste time as i started s—–g her large breast. I s–k the large t–s and her moans were getting higher.

    I kissed my way down her stomach towards her G-string. I shoved it aside and started s—–g her deep.

    Mrs Bukky: *with eyes close* hmm, uhh, ahh my love, i knew you were good, no i mean bad no i…..

    Were the words coming from her mouth. I s—-d her deep, licking the huge libias and pushing my tongue into her hole.

    Wanting to step up the game, i took in her c–t and she let out a large moan followed by a very heavy o—-m.

    Mrs Bukky: idris *she shouted* you want to kill me abi. Ahh Ahh.

    She said and i smiled.

    I quickly brought out my now awaken sleeping beauty and connected it to her wifi or wireless (pick ur choice).

    Mrs Bukky: ahhhhh..

    She moaned as she felt the long, big and heavy sleeping beauty in her.

    I started f—–g her widely and she was shouting releasing her c-m every now and then. The p—y was very tight and it made me wonder if her husband is impotent.

    I f—-d her so hard that the pleasure was overwhelming.

    Mrs Bukky: ahh Idris, slow down. Mogbe, you will kill me today oo, i am on fire..

    She pleaded not knowing it triggered the beast in me..

    Me: ahhhhhh, yes. Oh f–k, oh yea. Ahhh..

    I groaned and moaned as i fired my hot c-m inside of her. I rolled down and we looked at each other and after a while, we started laughing. My sleeping beauty was taking a nap and was resting but was woken up by a hot blow job including lot of sex session.


    The relationship between me and my boss grew. We still continued having sex and mama T was always calling me, sending me airtime, money, gifts and the likes. Hmm, what a sweet world.

    Mama T has been given a deadline to initiate the stubborn headed bukky into their society “SNAKE LADIES” their was no way she was going to fail. She will use the old fashion method now.

    She quickly prepared pepper soup with chicken and fish. She put it inside a cooler and turned into a big snake. Then she poured her poison into the food and changed back to human again.

    She smiled, Carried the food straight to her car and drove off to NESCO BREWING COMPANY.

    To be continued after some comments.


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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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