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    I arrived at the estate and i must confess, the place was great, it was really great.

    I parked my car at the parking lot and segun immediately came out followed by Ayo. They came close and we hugged each other passionately..

    Me: bahdest boys. See as una dey!

    Ayo: *very surprised* wait oo.. Idris, na which person car be this.

    Me: hahaha, na my official car na…

    Segun: Jesu!! Na who be that sugar mama wey dey lift you up na?

    Me: that sugar mama na God oo!

    Segun & Ayo: hahaha.

    Segun: dey serious jare.

    Me: na true i dey talk oo.. This bobo wey you see no dey follow sugar mummies oo.. By the way, where the person wey you want show me? I asked him.

    Segun: no probs. Follow me.

    I followed him and before i could say jack, segun was introducing me to one mama T. Like all the other sugar mummies present there, mama T was wearing a skimpy short skirt that exposed her laps and a mini cloth.

    I saw Ayo sitting down besides one old woman who was obviously his sugar mummy. They were busy kissing passionately and i almost threw up at the sight of such a disgusting act.

    Segun was sitting besides his own sugar mummy and they were discussing. The dj was booming the place with music. Some girls were seen nude on the swimming pool. Others were twerking out their waist.

    They were various types of drinks and i could smell the scent of a fresh barbecue and roasted chicken. I would have walked out of the place but mama T was somehow keeping me with her discussion.

    I couldn’t walk out on her, it will be disrespectful and what if she order her guards to man handle me.. That will be very bad you know.

    We discussed alot and i found out that mama T was a very friendly person. She was fun to be with and i enjoyed every moment i had with her. Hmmm, who knows, sugar mummies cannot be as bad as you think.

    Me: *looking at my wrist watch* excuse me ma but i have to go now.

    Mama T: eyaa, can’t you stay even if its just a little longer?

    Me: no ma, i am already late and i would be travelling next tomorrow. So you see, i have many preparations to do in such a little space.

    Mama T: ok, if you insist *she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out bundle of naira notes* you can have this.

    Me: *Jesu!!! Prophet mohammed, this money don dey reach 150k oo*

    I didn’t move an inch and was shy to collect the money but deep down, i have already written down my budget for this month and next.

    Mama T: *smiled as she noticed my shyness* common lover boy, take it..

    Me: *collecting it and almost prostrating* thank you ma..

    Mama T: can i have your digits?

    Me: sure, 08087******.

    Mama T: thanks, am gonna give you a call.

    I stood up and left G estate a fulfilled man. Hmmm, my day don break be that oo..


    We left ph to abuja the day before which is Wednesday. The contract signing was successful. Me and my boss had a romantic lunch together. I told her that we should go back to port Harcourt immediately but she said she was tired and she lodged us both in a hotel.

    That Thursday night, i was busy chatting with anita when my boss sent me a message. A message with only eight words.


    To be continued.

    Next pls




    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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