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    I finished the paper work i was doing, stood up and went to Mrs Bukky’s office.

    On my way to her office, i saw most of the workers speaking in whispers, it was obvious they were gossiping about me and Mrs bukky.

    When i got to her office, i knocked before entering inside. She was sitted at her chair speaking with one of her friends on phone. I sat down quietly looking at her.

    Mrs bukky: haba mummy T, i thought i told you that i can’t join your committee of friends.

    Caller: *************

    Mrs Bukky: but you guys have spoilt your image by sleeping around with small boys, following you guys is not good for my image and reputation.

    Caller: *************

    Mrs Bukky: you know what? Lets talk about this another day, i want to discuss something important with one of my employees.

    She said dropping her phone.

    Me: good afternoon ma

    Mrs Bukky: *frowned her face*

    Me: good afternoon Bukky.

    Mrs Bukky: Idris my dear, how is work?

    Me: work is fine ma.. I mean Bukky.

    Mrs bukky: Idris, our company has been given a contract in Abuja. I was told to travel from port Harcourt to Abuja to sign it. However, i want you to follow me down to abuja. So what do you say?

    Me: *confused* but ma.. I mean Bukky, i thought your PA should be the one to escort you?

    Mrs bukky: hahaha, Idris, i am the one in charge here and i choose to go there with you. I am leaving my PA here to look after this company when i am gone. Moreover, you are not expected to do anything over there, they just wanted to see two staffs from our company.

    Me: ok Bukky, when are we leaving?

    Mrs bukky: shey today is Monday, we will leave by Wednesday.

    Me: ok ma.. I mean Bukky.

    I stood up to leave.

    Mrs Bukky. Idris!!

    Me: *ohhh wetin again na, this woman to like this name o, i go soon Change am* Ma.. Sorry yes

    Mrs Bukky: won’t you go out for lunch?

    Me: yes ma, i will.

    Mrs bukky: i am hungry and i want you to take me out.

    Me: no problem. Lets go

    Mrs bukky: alright, but know this, the bill is on you!!

    Me: *JESUS!!!*

    We left her office together to a small eatery. Thank God their food is not that cost, i would have been washing plates by now.

    After the eating, we came back to our office together. The other employees were just looking at us with surprise.

    After closure, i went over to my friend’s desk to say bye.

    Me: Tobi badoo, you still dey work?

    Tobi: no i dey farm idiot.. See as your loving mama give me plenty work. I sure say some of this work suppose be your own…

    I looked at the papers and yea, he was right. He was busy doing my work.

    Me: eyaa, kpele oo.. Lol. Abeg i don dey go.. Finish those work quick quick my boy.

    Tobi: *very angry* Idris thunder fire you… This your ojoro (partial) loving ma….

    He quickly stopped as madam bukky came out of her office. He faced the paper work and was doing it seriously. I just laughed at him and walked out with my loving mama.

    Just then i received a call from segun. I hope you remember him, the guy that was and is still into SUGAR MUMMIES?

    To be continued.

    Nice one ooooo

    Interesting, next.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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